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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sticky Wiki

Here's an odd one. Look at what happens when you enter the name of Neil Goldschmdt's rape victim into Wikipedia:


Ironically, she's not named on the page itself.

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Also includes a puzzling comment about working across party lines. I suppose he had an in-house flack do some of the writing.

... and some recent wiki-edits, I see....

This is a "redirect". It was created on 1 February 2011, by someone named "Esprqii".

This person has a tremendous interest in editing wikipedia on topics concerning Oregon. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Esprqii)

I am glad she is not mentioned by name in this context, since she is identified primarily as the "sexual relationship" which effectively ended his career.

Sure, later on in the wiki article some specific Oregon law is mentioned with regard to 3rd degree rape. But it seems like it is so hard for his supporters to say the word rape, and even more difficult for them to put it into print.

Is this "esprqii" the local political machine's official history rewriter? After all, he who controls public information controls the public.

"In his initial negotiations with Willamette Week, Goldschmidt agreed to resign his positions with the Texas Pacific Group and the Board of Higher Education, which he did."

It is lamentable that a newspaper was left to do what politicians and lawyers should have done years earlier. The negotiations to get Goldschmidt out of public life could have been as simple as calling the police and providing shelter for the victim, not by allowing the wolf to run free. I blame Goldschmidt, but given that his moral integrity was shot, I would expect the others in the know, especially anyone wearing a police uniform or an officer of the court -- or just a plain human being -- to have stood up to this evil and protect the innocent. Who ARE these people anyway?

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