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Friday, March 23, 2012

A dirty, dirty trick

It sure is hard to catch a break in this town. Here we are, running against Packy the Elephant in the second round of the Willy Week Mayoral Madness tournament, and look what shows up in the mail:

Now, folks, we've got a call in to Kate Brown just to be absolutely certain, but to our mind, this sort of thing is illegal, plain and simple. Campaigning on the public dime! Metro money paid for this. Decals and everything. Remember the Portland school board mailer scandal? Apparently some people mammals never learn. We may have to bring legal action.

Ladies and gentlemen of Portlandia, look at him! Our opponent doesn't deserve to win Mayoral Madness. Indeed, he belongs behind bars.

Comments (18)

Why are elephants smarter than politicians?

You might ask Kate Brown to move the election to November.

I'm not sure this is really Metro money. Packy could be short for Political Action Committee.

I don't know, Jack. He definitely looks like he's full of more crap than you. That definitely makes him more fit to become Mayor. (*ducking and running, laughing like a loon*)

I'm almost positive that Packy is the model, if not the inspiration, for the iconic figurehead of the GOP, so we have political parties now involved in this non-partisan Willy Week battle to the death.

We should be careful: Packy and Stenchy could join forces and become Portland's own MasterBlaster. Are you folks ready for that? ARE YOU?

Is he the one in the room?

He's not going to forget what you said in the heat of battle, either. Who won the straw poll?

Packy can haz Etch-A-Sketch.

Texas Triffid Ranch, aren't Elephants afraid of... oops... never mind...Stenchy is a Rat. Politics make strange bedfellows.

Look, Jack's great, and enjoy your semi-hiatus, sir, but in a city devoid of conservative leadership I've got to go with Packy, and home-girl Taft.

If you become mayor, you'd have to tweet rather than blog. Can't have that!

Come on Jack, engage in dirty politics.... entertain us

Oh my! Tusk, tusk, tusk.

Is This the REAL Packy, or is it another city hall denizen? The long nose makes it hard to tell.

Maybe we'll finally elect a Republican in this town (get it?)

I hear you can get the straight poo on Packy at that link.....

Just another well connected West Hills heavyweight. It never ends.

Forget it Jack, it's Portlandia...

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