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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring break

There comes a time in every blogger's life to stop and smell the roses, as opposed to what's wafting out of the green compost bin. Having been at this relentlessly for many months now, we've resolved to slow down a little over the spring break that begins today. We'll be around, but perhaps not quite as much as usual, over the next 10 days. We trust that our readers will keep each other entertained in the comments -- or at least, not hurt each other too much.

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To quote one of the great philosophers of the Twentieth Century, "This'll be cool! Fire! Fire! Heh heh heh heh."

What? You can't leave us hanging. Why don't you enlist a sub?

Enjoy your Spring Break.

A proposal:
After your morning coffee, post a blog entry with only this question: "What does Tensquat have to say?". And then let the comments begin. If he refuses to show up and comment, I'm sure that our regular crowd will give their own 2 cents on what they think he might have said. Who knows, maybe even Lars might reply to him.

Another in a seemingly endless series of Jack outrages...now it's "time off" he wants. Great. Fine. Sooooooo for the next 10 days I gotta figure out how to get a life. This could get seriously ugly. Have fun Jack, ya meanie.:))

Here's some spring break entertainment. Yeah, it's O'Reilly, yeah, it's on the Blaze, but yeah, the video is pretty funny! Maybe just the first three minutes...


Is this work safe or not?

Get some primo R & R Mr. B.

Here's a spring break question for Tensky, open to answers from all:

"in light of recent Caldwell scandal-shadowed obit, compare and contrast views onlegalizing ion of prostitution, making reference to comments by Ali G and Naomi Wolf, in conversation on YouTube."


A much deserved rest. We eagerly await your return.

You should do like Johnny Carson did in the old days and bring in a guest host. I'd nominate Bill McDonald.

This is comin' out of your paycheck, ya know!

Have a great vacation.

Well deserved break...We can only hope that Sam doesn't have a Bimbo Eruption while you're taking it easy.

Or Randy doesn't open a City of Portland hardware store with the Water Bureau's showerhead replacement budget.

Spring breaks what?

That was going to be my entire comment ... until folks started picking on me. So, respectfully listening, I'll reserve some 'right' to revise and extend my remarks, later. Gaye Harris, I'll watch YouTube as you ask, but commenting on Caldwell I'm reticent. perhaps it's in valor.

Lars who? Fascist rightwing hatetalk radio is o-verrrr, done, dust, gone, wasbeen, all sucked into the black hole of Rash Lamebrain's gravity collapse.
ClearChannel/Premier (owned by Romney's Bain Capital) jumped the shark.
A scurrilous few CompassMedia's try to act optimistic that they can 'take over' in the vacuum of ClearChannel clearing out.

But that's like Jeep claiming it will 'take over' the automobile market when GM collapses. Ha! When GM collapses then there is NO car market. Lamebrain's demise is the end of lamebrain broadcasting totally -- let 'em 'broadcast' on a website somewhere, buh-bye.

Which (end of fascist hatetalk) proves once again what we used to say in the wigwam between peaceful pipe tokes: You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

Thanks for the kind words, but there is only one Jack Bogdanski. Accept no substitutes.

I just worry he's getting too focused on the city politics and ignoring the childhood stories, etc...that give the blog the deep spirits.
I mean "Wrecking Ball" is on top of the charts and not a word.

Have fun! I hope you are going someplace warmer and drier than here!

Maybe you could just do what Johnny Carson used to do and run some "Best of Bogdanski" segments.

Bill come on don't you want to be the David Brenner of the Bogosphere?

You can't go until you post


so we can have the BTA comment on it!

And who should we turn to if it starts to snow again?

See you lame turkeys in a fortnight. Bwahahahahaha!

The kids will only be kids for so long. Enjoy the time with them while you can.

Yesterday upon the stairs I met a man that wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I miss him already.

>>There comes a time in every blogger's life to stop and smell the roses

Meaning: Jack's wife is putting her foot down...

Time for a break. Check. Spring break vacation slot occurring. Check. Republican candidates busy attacking each other, cross headlining each other, generally snarking each other. Check. Democrats falling and tripping over each other while making fools of themselves as well to comment on the previously mentioned lunacy. Check. City of Portland officials checking in with regularly scheduled corruption and idiocy. Check. Stenchy's slop bin filled sufficiently (Good time to dump any bonus slop). Check. Well. Possibility is there. Oh. Patient wife tapping her foot. Yup. DEFINATELY time for a slowdown Jack. Have fun and enjoy. :) We'll be here when you get back.

Jack is on a mini vacation, that is why this was released. Jack would be the only one to comment on this absurdity me thinks.


Have a wonderful spring break and time with your family!

Very convenient, sir. Well played. What a perfect excuse you'll have when Packy turns Portland into Stomptown.
"Well I'm sure I would have won if I hadn't been on vacation..."


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