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Saturday, January 28, 2012

In "suicide by cop," collateral damage

Here's a chilling photo that appeared this afternoon:

That's apparently the window of a law office a block away from the site of the other night's fatal shooting of a mentally deranged man by Portland police. Reportedly he pointed a fake gun at the cops, and so a couple of them apparently emptied their guns on him.

That's the parking structure roof on which it all went down, square in the center of that window. And yes, that's the southwest corner of the structure facing you, which is where the man was killed.

It's a good thing there wasn't a cleaning person or someone else in that office at the time. In downtown Portland, it seems, you're never safe from the garbage going down on the streets, even in your office many stories above ground.

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If you point a "Weapon" at another armed person and expect to live....
I believe that the Cop has the same right to self defense as I...

I don't think Jack is saying the cops can't protect themselves, or even shoot-to-kill.

"collateral damage" does not mean spray-and-pray.

Gun control means use both hands and control were your shots go.

Ricochet happens.

It's funny how defensive the cops and the cop-lovers of Portland are. In this post, there is not a single word of criticism of the police.

But the photo speaks for itself, I guess. Nice shot, PoPo!

Ricochet happens.

I doubt there was any ricochet. That bullet hole is right in the line of fire.

Maybe spend a little more time at The Place to Shoot??

Hey, it's just lawyers. No big.

And you read about it HERE first...on Jack's Blog two days ago:


Scroll down to the next to the last post.

I bet there will be no investigation to see who was so out of control and mishandled a firearm that badly. Back in the 70s when I did a stint that had me working side by side with a division of the NY State police, this would have resulted in an investigation. And the shooter who was that reckless and or bad of a shot would have been kicked out. And I know this for a fact because one of the a*holes who worked in our office was kicked out. He went from patrolman to ranger. Rangers were not allowed to carry guns in NY state at that time.

I smell another PoPo stinky cover-up in progress.

It's downtown Portland, that could have been anybody's round.

What's more, the window is line-of-sight from the MAX right-of-way.

I blame millionaires and billionaires for putting a window there in the first place.

I wonder who's killed more passersby, TriMet or the Portland Police Bureau?

Now compare that to number of Portlanders harmed by perpetrators with homicidal or suicide motives.

"Hey, it's just lawyers. No big."

Really, Allan?

LucsA. There are *so* many things wrong with your posting I simply have a hard time where to begin:

"I rode on a bus in 1970, so I have a valid reference point of knowledge, training, and experience to pass judgement on the actions a Light Rail Driver in 2012."

How incredibly stupid, vapid, and narcissict of you to presume that you have the slightest idea how to judge an incident in 2012.

I have: (a) Co-authored the Internal Affairs policy for one or the five largest cities in this state, (b) co-authored the Firearms Policy (of same), been recognised as an Expert Witness on police discipline in NLRB Arbitrations, and secured 5 labor agreements.

You know nothing....

And Jack, as a DPSST State Certified Firearms Instructor... It was a hell of a shot. Up-angle in the darkness, ending with a dead-on head-shot, it was nice shooting.

Sometimes, it's just nasty and bloody.

Welcome to our world...

I want no part of your world. It's funny that you guys are so good at taking out skinny, mentally ill, young white men but are nowhere to be found when the Crips are shooting up the bars at closing time on Saturday night.

That bullet hole in that office window speaks for itself. Emptying your gun every time some kid looks at you funny is unnecessary and immoral, regardless of what it says in some manual you wrote.

My question would be: What did police think would happen by rushing to the 911 caller?

The now deceased declared 1) he was dangerous (robbery by knife) and suicidal, 2) wouldn't cooperate, and 3) where he was waiting.

What did the police think they were being invited to do?

The city and it's citizens should be thinking more about what role they want for police in these ad hoc assisted suicides.

Suicidal desires and threats are common; it's a civic challenge that isn't going away. To wit: Here's the data on rates of Oregon suicide:


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