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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

A reader writes:

Apparently the Oregonian has its own computer problem and I [am] guessing you won't be reading about it in the paper. We've been on their Easy Pay credit card system for over a year and we recently started receiving invoices in the mail showing our payment in arrears. A quick review of the credit card statement shows that we were still being charged for the subscription every month. After a ten minute wait on hold, we talked with an account representative who told us they recently changed billing systems and account data from the old system did not transfer to the new system as expected and that they were manually updating accounts. I was told to ignore the mailed invoice. If this was a government system problem it would be front page news.

Don't worry, Willy Week will pick the story up. They never miss a chance to take a swipe at the O.

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Yeah, just ignore those invoices. How many people bought that line with their mortgage adjustment process?

Wanna' bet the collection agency notification module of the new system is working smoothly?

Actually, the Oregonian printed "ads" telling subscribers that they changed billing services and that there were problems. I don't have a copy in front of me, but if I remember correctly, it gave a website to check because it might be a long telephone wait time if you called.

This explains a lot of the difficulty I'm having right now with my Oregonian account.

I don’t have any accounts that I allow to automatically deduct from my checking account. I do them all manually every month. I may be a hassle, but considering all the mess ups with the banks and the vendors, at least I have control.

You actually got through to the big O? I gave up on the phone and tried the website. They wanted me to enter my info like I was a new customer. Phooey on that..I contacted the local distibutor for my vacation stop. Billing is ok because I do the manual like John.
It used to be systems were tested before they went online. Now the standard is 80%/20% and fix the 20% on the fly. Look at the last couple of systems for Portland. Google "ERP system failures" and you can see what happens.

I have the opposite "problem".
The Oregonian has been charging my credit card for years, but for some reason they simply stopped.

For about 2 months now, no charge.

I'm guessing eventually they'll figure it out on their own...or not.

you beat 'em to it, Jack.:))))))))))))

I received the same letter and chose to ignore it. If they're truly concerned about paid circulation being in a death spiral, I figured they'd make an effort to contact me before shutting off my subscription after 35 years.

Similarly, I pay by check rather than risk an automatic system charging me multiple times. I noticed that the last bill is now sent to an address out of state. Guess the O is outsourcing more of their business, and not just the reporting.

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