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Monday, December 19, 2011

Super Carole puts your present under the tree

Portland's fearless schools superintendent waits until late on a Friday afternoon, nine days before Christmas, to come right out and say which residents are getting shunted off to schools that they didn't sign up for when they decided where to live. Maybe that will get the shuffling passed. It's a pity that the public schools are run from such a position of weakness these days.

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Perhaps the Office of Equity will arrange and manage residence swaps for those wanting their children to remain in a particular school.

Ouch, that redrawn school boundary is going to leave a mark on some Alameda property values.

Our family decided to forgo the PPS drama and put the kids in private school last year. So glad we did.

Carole's plan seemed to throw a curveball at all of the Alameda folks in response to a few who were making noise about avoiding a perceived minor downgrade. Now all of Alameda is, essentially, going to Rigler (fka Beaumont) for middle school. I wonder how that's playing out along the ridge? This move seems so bizarre and contradictory (how is that "stability?") that it almost seems intentionally motivated against Alameda.

"This move seems so bizarre and contradictory (how is that "stability?") that it almost seems intentionally motivated against Alameda."

Didn't you hear the news? "Affluent" Alameda is nothing but 1-percenters, so all of the parents who moved here to get their kids in a decent PPS environment are supposed to smile and say thanks for the chance to have their kids go to lesser schools instead. It's all about "equity."

I don't think this is a surprise to anyone that's been following the issue. The proposal's been discussed in the open for weeks and hinted at even longer. One could argue the decision was actually made last fall but the Alameda folks made enough of a stink about it and Carole and the Board got nervous about ticking off influential voters during the capital bond campaign so they postponed the inevitable until now. So why sneak it out to the media on a slow news day? PPS has too many flacks on the payroll thinking of ways to minimize bad publicity around an unpopular decision to chalk it up to mere coincidence.

It's all about that "equity thang"....Little boxes and all that jazz.

'all of the parents who moved here to get their kids in a decent PPS environment'

I would think if they wanted a decent 'PPS' environment they would have moved to a different school district. Decent and PPS being a contradiction in terms! We moved to David Douglas to avoid the entire PPS system and I'm so glad we did.

"Enrollment balancing"? "Balancing" of WHAT? What a bunch of film-flammers! Off with their pensions!

Why the obvious solution is for the school district and the city planners decide where you live..
They will assign you a cubbie in a fancy new big block apartment building shoved into neighborhoods.

Wait until Portland city "leaders" tell Alameda (and all other) residents which supermarket they can shop at, what gas station they can fill up at (before gas guzzlers are banned all together), and which restaurants they can eat at.

Where you live (or can afford to live) shouldn't dictate where you can shop or receive services, but it does just that when it comes to educating your children. When will we reject this antiquated concept?

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