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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best Christmas music on Portland radio

It's on 1450 AM, the public school station. They are digging deep in the vault. The best part: no commercials, hardly any talk. The occasional AM static adds to the nostalgic vibe. Buon Natale!

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If you remember Jack, a lot of those hits from "buck a hit day" were from all over the Internets.

For us to listen we have to turn the old dial to:

No static at all...

Thanks for the shout out Jack! Don't forget that this week you will hear the annual KBPS Musical Greeting Card program...music from more that 20 Portland area schools in a seven hour extravaganza! It will start at 12am Saturday (Dec 24th) and end at 1am Monday morning (Dec 26th). We recorded some great stuff this year!

All Classical at FM 89.9 is also in the midst of its 4 days of Christmas music. Their selections are marvelous too and again, no ads.

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