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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"We hate you!" "We don't care," cont'd

The cell phone weasels got an earful last night about their proposed installation in a guy's yard at 31st and Prescott. The latest tactic of the phone peddlers is to declare that there are many people in support of the cell tower, but those people only send e-mail; they don't show up for meetings. Uh huh.

While T-Mobile and residents disagreed on whether cell towers cause health hazards and lower property values, or are unsightly and noisy, one thing became clear. Residents don't want this cell tower in their community and T-Mobile does.

And the guy who sold out his yard to T-Mobile, Bruce Badrick, is going to find out about karma.

Comments (6)

Where should they put the cell towers? Keep in mind that if they are too far away you're not going to get reception.

This is similar to the trash problem. No trash dumps anywhere near Portland. So we'll use an out of state trucker and millions of gallons of diesel (65% imported) to ship it to Eastern Oregon. Nice.

I don't believe there's "nothing they can do to stop this"--anyone who does has never dealt with the City's Planning Bureau. That's what they do there, 24/7 (or really more like 5/4, but you get the idea).

This just seems like an industrial use. At the very least, I don't understand why the City can't change the zoning code to limit the towers to areas that make sense for neighbors. That's the main point of the Code. Apparently, the cell companies have more sway than residents.

NIMBY. Nothing new here. Windmills. Freeways. Walmarts. Prisons.

Put 'em somewhere else, but not in my back or front yard.

It's not just cell companies that have sway over residents but any large corporation that promises to help the city fulfill its vision of the perfect future society. That's the beauty of the Portlandia scam.

Don--how about on top of large buildings on busier streets? There are plenty of those, but I'm guessing the cell phone companies have discovered that it is less expensive to buy off residents than pay what building owners are asking.

Was at Scappoose High School recently to referee a contest. They have at least two huge towers on the school grounds, near the entrance to the gym and football field. They must not worry about any health risks; would also be interesting to see what the income to the school district is for these.

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