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Sunday, September 25, 2011

They should be cellmates

It's so nice to see Neil Goldschmidt in the limelight again. Oh, and look -- Craig Berkman's throwing his weight around.

That's the news -- now it's time for a good, long shower.

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Ugh.... sickening to Kulongoski sitting with the other Mayor Creepy

I love Goldy's quote in one of the written articles:

"It's good to be back."

I bet it is good to be back with all those old sycophants. Maybe Kitz can have a special ceremony to re-hang his portrait in the Capital.

Just for Halloween, though, Harry.

Considering the ignominy of the way he went down, the temerity of appearing publicly, yukking it up, is astounding. Public perception of his character has flatlined, but there he is, nursing its corpse along, by utter will of ego.

And Sleepy Ted was looking almost, perky!

That wife is to old for Goldy...

Must have been a Democrat joke; Harvey and Vic aren't smiling!

I was strangely reminded of Richard Nixon's first public statement as an ex-president, a few years after he resigned in shame: "I'm out, officially."

Wasn't he just paying his respects for Sen. Hatfield? Although I guess you could say (as boycat suggests) if that was the case, he should have just found a seat in the back.
Goldschmidt's story is one that makes me wonder whether there really are actions for which forgiveness is not possible; or as Shakespeare wrote in Caesar: "The evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones".

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