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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing the point

We took a rare look at the hard copy edition of the O this morning, and were a little surprised to see this (without the photo) on the front page of the Metro section. We couldn't help but think, "Don't they have anything better to write about?"

We were also a little dismayed that they made it out to look as though we disapprove of Mary Nolan's ACLU track record. Actually, we don't disapprove -- she's got more backbone on those issues than, say, the President or Senator Wyden. What the O completely glossed over was the real reason we're skeptical of Nolan -- and we'll re-post it here just so there's no missing it:

But what troubles us is her connections, and those of her husband, Mark Gardiner. Nolan's been a City Hall insider in past careers, and she has the Old Money that controls Portland fully in her corner. Moreover, she's hired the consummate local political fixer, Mark Wiener, who will do what it takes to rub out Nurse Amanda. Not an attractive package.

Gardiner, meanwhile, has so many strikes against him that it's hard to know where to start. He owned part of the "private" side of the doomed public-private partnership that led to the city's disastrous 2001 renovation of what is now Jeld-Wen Field (then PGE Park). When last we checked, the city's taxpayers were still holding a $24.7 million bag on that one -- and that's before you count the additional eight figures (plus rent holiday) handed to new sports huckster Little Lord Paulson. Gardiner ran the finances at City Hall when Neil Goldschmidt, an early endorser of Nolan in politics, was mayor. Since then, Gardiner was one of the members of the Oregon Investment Council, sitting next to Goldschmidt's wife as they funnelled public money to pals like the Texas Pacific Group. And Gardiner served as a "business advisor" to Peter Kohler and OHSU in connection with the catastrophic SoWhat District, its aerial tram, and its false promises of thousands of high-tech jobs.

It's funny that the O went checking the truth of a background factual assertion that we relayed neutrally, and ignored the actual criticism that we made. Whatever. It's nice to know they're paying at least some attention.

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Jack, at some point most of the O writers were given lobotomies so they would do what their handlers want without question.

And beyond that, the younger folks that pass for journalists in this city are sterling examples of what is wrong with the American education system. They might be great cheerleaders but running down a story or doing analysis or writing something worthwhile (either linguistically or intellectually) is beyond their ken.

Running low on things to "politi-fact-check" most likely. Drummed one up.

No, it isn't funny. At all.

They aren't paying attention; they just want something quick to print. You supply the material, they sell the paper.

Interesting since the ACLU correlation was a so-what thing - Neither good nor bad.

The big point was her spednndng habits and being married to one of the bigger rip-off artists (via PGE Park) in town.

Going to check on the facts must mean they don't know. Those are facts they don't have and don't use. Where the truth is news to them, The O indicts itself and its routine of publishing false propaganda.

Also, making you a target means you are 'the competition' hurting their sales(pitch).

I don't think they overlooked anything Jack. They know you have an audience, and they were just trying to make her look like a liberal hero. Big O endorsement coming soon.

But I wouldn't be surprised if that was intended as a hit piece against you though.

"Jack Bogdanski, a local blogger, waited just one day, in fact, before he let loose in a blog that questioned Nolan’s (and her husband’s) connections to the council."

They did lead with that.

Jack Bogdanski, a local blogger, waited just one day...

That's a bad thing in journalism? I would take the statement as professional jealousy, Jack.

Just how long again did the O sit on knowledge of Neil?

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