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Monday, June 27, 2011

Where do we send the bill?

Fourteen rescuers had to be sent out after some teenagers thought it was a bright idea to go kayaking over Bridal Veil Falls out in the Columbia Gorge. Darwin would be proud.

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“They also expressed regret that peer pressure may have played a part in the injury occurring,” Matsushima said.

Other accounts elsewhere had the guys admit that they had second thoughts and were discussing not going down when the chick launches via a quick "I'll go first, bros".

There is nothing more "peer pressure" filled to guys who are about to get "chicked" in a testosterone filled extreme event.

Last year up at Eagle Creek, I saw teen morons swimming and diving off punchbowl falls, my favorite, but now overly crowded trail. I only felt a little guilty when I secretly hoped one of them would break a leg.

The youngest of the four thrillseekers took our picture. Then after bushwacking from the creek to the near mid-section of the falls, and scoping out her route, the girl took the plunge. Not from the top of the falls, thankfully, but from the lower portion. My son got it on video. After reading about the kids comments about regretfully giving into peer pressure, I was able to talk to my son about it. I hope the teens learn from their mistakes and the injured one makes a full recovery.

Darwin's law is actually Mom Nature's cleansing process.

I've snorkled Punchbowl Falls several times. The water is cold, clear, green, and deep. Folks jumping off of the cliffs are plenty safe and having a good time, too.

Jeez, I love it.

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