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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Void where prohibited

Do you actually read all the terms and conditions before you download software? I know you check the box that says you do, but do you ever actually read them? Me neither. Every once in the while our iPhone makes us "accept" new terms, and it offers us upwards of 50 pages of legalese that we have to swear we have read and agree to.

If this bothers you, there's now a website that may help set things right. Let Richard Dreyfuss read the Apple license to you.

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What, you don't want to become a Human CentIpad?

Took the words outta my mouth TTR!

Being ADD there's no hope for me to read long legal docs like EULAs. I freely admit that I do my part in this absurdity by signing that I read it when we all know I didn't.

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