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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Jeesh what yahoos"

Nigel Jaquiss wraps up Oregon's Cylviagate scandal here.

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Its the pop stand known as Oregon. You should know those honest truth-teller types are just a bunch of trouble-makers.

I just hope Kitz is getting his money's worth out of whatever Cylvia (aka Lady MacBeth) is doing for/to him.

No one was fired for this? This state is a banana republic.

And I still have not a clue what tangible skill Cylvia Hayes offers. Her company was formed for the sole purpose of taking this money, with no prior experience to cite.

Did she still get the contract? Is she getting paid on it now, while she's living with the governor?


I always thought if you kiss enough butt you get what you want, now I guess it's kissing the north side of a butt, also know as sucking (up)

Thanks Nigel for writing the real story about this crime. Too bad other media, like the O, can't tell the truth. Knowing you, you probably have other evidence that proves your points even more.

What puzzles me the most is the quote "They (Cylvia Kitzhaber) didn't produce work samples" in the bidding process. Since producing a "work sample" was part of bid proposal requirement, then by normal bidding procedure, that bid would be thrown out="Incomplete". Why wasn't it? Why can't it be thrown out now and take the $60,000 back?

This article brings out many points that calls for further investigation and maybe the feds should step in-maybe borrow a few fed officials now investigating the Portland Police. The "investigation" needs to be reinstated, it's not over.

Hey, according to at least one report, she's a "rock star"!

“My assumption was that this was a stimulus to create jobs, and I needed a job,” he [Tom Barquinero, Hayes’ partner and TEEM’s managing director] told a DOJ investigator.


"Its the pop stand known as Oregon. You should know those honest truth-teller types are just a bunch of trouble-makers."

I just had someone tell me that it is politically dangerous to do things right in Oregon. For years and years others and I have been asking that the recommendation of a 2000 task force assembled to examine Mulnomah County Animal Services that a feasiblity study for pro animal system be undertaken. The premier consultant for this is Nathan Winograd from California. Ted Wheeler made campaign promises to get the audit done, but was threatened by the unions and didn't do it. Now Jeff Cogen has a chance to be more of a leader. At some point people who don't go along with business as usual will be viewed as the good citizen heroes they really are.

This is what 24 years of DPO hegemony looks like.

The only real surprise is that we continue to elect the same names over and over again while expecting the outcomes to change.

We are rapidly becoming the Arkansas of the West.

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