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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We're Graggalicious

The architecture dandies love us! They really, really love us!

But if course, like so many outsiders, they're missing the heart and soul of the place.

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After writing a long, giddy paragraph to describe how "green" Portland is (based largely on LEED certification), they then praise 12 Portland buildings--few or none of which are LEED certified, and a few of which are famously reviled (The Portland Building? *Really*?)

Anybody else tired of self-congratulatory twittering over what shape the designer du jour made *his* concrete-glass box? Look! *Mine* has glass one *three* sides! Hey! Mine incorporates *wood slats*!

"second highest number of LEED-accredited buildings."

That's it? You can buy a LEED rating/audit for $50K. So we have enough dumb people that are willing to throw money at LEED.

BTW - If the editors love Portland so much, let them pay for taxes and water here and then send their kids to school here.

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