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Monday, May 2, 2011

A renegade is brought to justice

Portland Mayor Sam Adams announced this afternoon that libertarian activist Jim Karlock has been tracked down and killed in a ranch house on the north side of Mount Tabor. The demise of the shadowy Karlock marked the culmination of a manhunt that had dragged on for many years.

"The brave forces of the planning bureau received information a few weeks ago that he was hiding in a garage with all the lights on," Adams explained at a packed press conference. "Our intelligence determined that incandescent bulbs were being used, and none of the recycling bins were being left out for the garbage hauler." Water bureau records indicated that full-flow toilets were in use in the house. Green grass and the odor of Roundup from the front yard confirmed the city's worst suspicions.

Karlock, believed to be 67, was the author of the website portlandfacts.com and one of the most despised figures among the city's 220 planners, having destroyed many expensive propaganda edifices with ruthless attacks of statistics from the last 40 years. He also commented relentlessly on blogs well into the night.

"Our sustainability stakeholders joined us in the raid early this morning," Adams said. "Mr. Karlock was waxing a gas-powered automobile. There was '50s music playing, really loud. He was surrounded, and he resisted. He was shot with solar Tasers and a barrage of chicken bones harvested from recycled food scraps collected in the Buckman neighborhood.

"Today's achievement is a testament to the greatness of our city and the determination of Portland residents. The cause of making our city sustainable is not complete, but today we are once again reminded that Portland can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history. To create and enhance a vibrant city, we combine the disciplines of planning and sustainability to advance Portland’s diverse and distinct neighborhoods, promote a prosperous and low-carbon economy, provide a forum for community engagement and education and help ensure that people and the natural environment are healthy and integrated into the cityscape. Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are: Portlandia. The dream of the '90s is more alive than ever."

Although the mayor took no questions at the press conference, spokesperson Amy Ruiz told reporters off the record that after photographs and DNA sampling, Karlock's body had been ground up for worm composting. "It will later be integrated into the cityscape," a senior administration official said.

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I am waiting for confirmation from Vera Katz that Potter guy.

Mission Accomplished?

Karlock's probably been dead for years.

Detectives found a lump of coal in a boy's stocking apparently hung by the chimney with care years ago.
"There's your motivation for this man's madness," quipped Police Chief Craig.

Pretty cruel, imo. No, really really cruel.

I find this in very bad taste. I often disagree with Jim but his disagreement is always civil.

Casting him as a figurative "enemy" is neither accurate or appropriate.

Obviously you intend this as a criticism of people like me but I think you owe Jim an apology.

I think Jim comes off well. Someone who fights with facts would be more of a martyred hero hereabouts.

First time I have laughed out loud in days. Needed a break from confining Portland style "civility".

Chris Smith, I apologize to you. This is a joke on people like you. It is hard to outdo your reality, however.

And he was living in the midst of us all those years - how could we have missed it!!

Snards got it right on the previous thread.
Jim K speak to us from beyond the grave.


You have to be kidding. But you aren't.

You're an advocating, supporting activist of everything this spoof mocks and you think Karlock will be offended?

Come on.

For everyone else here is some new work by Jim that may be his greatest contribution.

Check this out. It's video proof of one of Portland's greatest myths.


Clever. I'm just glad you didn't say it was a double tap to the head. Nobody in the PPB or Randy's Armada could put two bullets that close together.

Jack, at first I didn't know how to take your spoof. I knew it was a spoof. I know that you have met Jim and appreciate his research, the facts, and most of the time his analysis. I guess I'm just a little sensitive in light of the Obama Bin Laden death, whether now or in the past; and your spoof of Jim and the probably relationship on your spoof of Bin Laden's death.

Jim is a fine person, who means well, probably hasn't intentionally hurt a flea, and has dedicated so much for the betterment of our city and region. He is the Ying of Yang, and we need that. His Ying facts come before the Yang of a Chris Smith and the Planner's Cult and it's dictatorial style. Chris fell into a spider hole. Good work.

I often disagree with Jim but his disagreement is always civil.

Dude. Reality called, and it wants you to know it loves you and to just come home. Everything will be all right, all is forgiven.

Ben, I reviewed your links. Mike Saba, Portland Planner, said it well even though it was several years ago, "during the 10 years Max has been in existence, the City has seen no mixed use developments adjacent to the light rail lines". This fact largely stands today.

This is a good example of Karlock's remembrance, research of the facts. And Liz Callison's testimony backing Saba's remarks (even from Mayor Katz's own planning bureau)says a lot. Thanks, Jim, from all of us that remember all the past decades of giving input like this but being disregarded.

It's sad that even a hint of another viewpoint on many issues have been largely ignored around here. It is time a little consideration be given, whether it's a small minority or close to a majority. How do we know the split, since we never have a vote on issues. Government should better reflect other viewpoints than just the typical Pols and Planners.

I have never met Jim, but given all he has written here over the years, I think I know him pretty well. He is quite the thorn in the side of the people who are running, and ruining, Portland. This post was an appreciation, although apparently not everyone is reading it that way.

Lee:...Jim is a fine person, who means well, probably hasn't intentionally hurt a flea, and has dedicated so much for the betterment of our city and region.

He does care about the livability of our city, the City of Roses we had.
He has been helpful to people who wish to retain their livable neighborhoods and has put together quite a record of information.

From link Ben listed above:

Commissioner Hales asked about parking and the one space per unit requirement in the CX zone, which covers most of the sites .

Mr. Saba said they avoided adding parking ratios as they did not want to apply a dual level of regulations .

Commissioner Hales said a proposal to eliminate minimum parking requirements is planned soon .

Good to have these on record. Charlie Hales name is being mentioned as possibly a candidate for Mayor. Looks like he would be in favor of that apartment complex being built near 39th Division without a parking lot.

In my opinion Hales and Katz are responsible for much of the downfall of what once was our livable City of Roses.

I have known Jim for years. I'm sure he'd get a chuckle out of this.:)

"people like me"

Pray tell, what are people like you like.

Don't give yourself or your ego too much credit.

"Karlock's probably been dead for years."

On the inside

Jack, that was maybe the funniest thing you ever did. People are too sensitive. And whoever thinks Liz Callison speaks truth is completely nuts. She is a wacko.

And Chris wonders why he didn't make City Council. Dude, you are like, seriously, no fun and you are RUDE.

Jim will be missed. Does anyone want to get together and burn some old tires in his honor?

I got the joke.

Ben, that video from Jim's website is a goldmine. Let's put 2 and 2 together shall we:

"Mr . Saba [planning bureau] said during the 10 years MAX has been in existence, the City has seen no mixed-use developments adjacent to the light rail lines."

"Wayne Rembold, Portland contractor, said tax abatements are essential to getting these projects built as otherwise they do not pencil out."

Ergo, nearly every standing example of "transit oriented development" in Portland was bought with taxpayer money. While we have to vote on half billion dollar bond measures to keep schools from falling down.

"and that's a swing n' a miss by Jackbog - putting the count at 0 and 1."

Strained attempt at humor m' man.

As I say, for comedy in Portland, it's hard to compete with reality.

I'm so glad that Sam and Co. opted for composting, rather than polluting our pristine river.

Daisy Chain, is Liz Callison a "wacko" for the quote she made backing Saba's comment? Or, please cite a few that makes her a wacko, in your eyes.

So the confused know, that isn't Jim's House.

Jim is one of Jacks neighbors. Well almost.
Jim's house is up in Alameda.
He also just paid to have a new roof and gutters put on.

Seems like you have good intentions,
but there is no point in inviting more character assassination
and besides the woman you are talking about
is no longer a Portland resident.

RDinpdx, you help make my previous point about "other viewpoints" being typed as "wacko" like Daisy Chain claimed. That is what we don't need so much of. Like I said, we need to acknowledge other viewpoints and try to incorporate them if we can fit them in. I'm tired of the "wacko" response. I've known Liz for a long time, and sometimes we have disagreed. But even in initial disagreement, a sensible conversation opens both of our minds. I'm speaking against "character assassination".

This is hilarious, I can't believe people aren't getting it.

Folks you are right. I apologize about my wacko remark. That is not my style and I am sorry. I am referring to her term on the West Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation Board if anyone recalls that. It was a bit choppy.

Why? Because she stood her ground at WMCS&W? For acting in the best interest of her constituents? Oh, yes! We don't do that any more, do we? Those people electing us are just part of a numbers game.

I would trust her over someone calling themselves "Daisy Chain".

Some apology.

Well done. You had me with the press conference posts earlier.

Whatev. I'm done blogging (Yay! I am sure you are saying) You can't win and it makes you (me) sink to a level I don't want to go to. Chris is entitled to his opinion. Liz tried her very best in her own hammer headed way. Blogging, replying, etc., it's not logical. And Jack, I enjoy your stuff, I really do, but you get it wrong, a LOT of the time. Why I was getting on, trying to be moderate and provide the moderate viewpoint. Bleh. Sam is terrible but you are pretty mean about/to him. You should really be paying attn. to PDC right about now. Interesting stuff going on there. Anyway, over and out. Happy Spring everyone!

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