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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Problem solved

When confronted with a loaf of New Seasons ciabatta bread with a big hole in the middle, here's exactly what you do: Fill the cavity with Costco chicken salad.

Serve with Casal Garcia rosé. Divine.

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Excellent...tomorrow night's football snack. Maybe a Chardonnay.

Superb! Next time you go to buy a loaf of ciabatta at New Seasons, though, pay with that fiver punched full of holes as you got in change back from paying a parking ticket with cash in person downtown. ;-)

I was thinking about your bread and recalled that a friend who owned an artisan bakery told me that he weighed his dough before going it went into the proofing oven -- so I imagine that this is true with the pictured loaf as well. . . . you paid the same price and got the same amount of bread as everyone else -- you just got to enjoy the lovely variety and texture that artisan breads provide. Buon appetitto!

Would you have said the same thing if the middle was raw? It wasn't right.

aye-men...it wasn't right.

but your fix looks like yum.

"Would you have said the same thing if the middle was raw? It wasn't right."

Of course not -- raw dough, ugh. I'm just a bread freak -- I crave good bread the way women crave chocolate.

As long as that giant air bubble is just a random thing rather than a frequent occurrence, I'd just be grateful for having the means and the access to great bread. As someone said, if you want a standardized product, you can buy mass-produced machine-made bread nearly everywhere, and it won't ever have those air bubbles. Dave's Killer Bread is widely available and quite good.

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