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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A girlfriend for the Welches con man

It appears that notorious "Welches" con man David Wilson has a kindred soul down in Davis, California: the "crying girl."

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It would never work out between them. David works alone and it looks like the Crying Girl has a whole posse to feed.

The Davis media reports make me question why no Portland mainstream media has picked up on David's scam. Seems like something FOX-12 would be all over.

KGW worked it for a little while. If the police did something, it would be big news,

I was driving down East Burnside this afternoon when I passed an intersection near about 50th Avenue where I encountered a guy and girl late at night several years ago when I was waiting for a bus.

They had a couple of grocery bags with some clothes in them. The guy was not wearing shoes and the girl was very pregnant.

They told me the most incredible story about how their rental house had just burned down and they were on their way to spend the night with someone they knew. The guy said he was broke but that his paycheck was waiting for him at his work when he could get there the next day.

They said the Red Cross would not help them because their roommate started the fire and all of the shelters turned them down because they did not have TB vaccinations.

I recall the guy saying, "I wish we had a car. We'd sleep in it."

Truth is I can't even remember if they specifically asked me for money but I gave them everything I had on me, which I recall was only about 10 bucks. And the rest of the pack of cigarettes I had in my pocket.

The conversation lasted at least 15 minutes while we waited for the next number 20 bus to come by.

I never once until today thought that they might have been playing me. I still don't believe that they were, it was just too real, but it's people like this a**hole David from Welches and the Crying Girl that made me think twice about it today.

More shenanigans in another Bike City USA. I lived in Davis for 6 years of grad school... hard to conceive this working in such a small town, except for the innocent(gullible) university students.

I saw David earlier this week outside the Silver Dollar Saloon at NW 21st and Glisan around 3 pm. I watched him go inside to order a drink, no doubt using some of his "income" to pay for it. Seeing that really made me wish we had a sales tax, so that at least he could contribute something to this state!

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