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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Welches con man hit foiled

An alert reader writes:

My wife and I saw the creep in action on SW 5th and Taylor this evening. He didn't get any money that round, but it was a close call. We told his intended "victim" of his infamous ways and he took off. We're on the look out for him and have a plan to photograph him on the inevitable next sighting. Thanks for all these warnings. They worked!
Way to go, readers.

Con man David Wilson.

Comments (3)

I hear his new spiel is he's coaching a homeless Portland youth soccer team and needs bike money.

Community policing at its best.

He was at it yesterday downtown on Alder and Broadway. I knew he looked familiar, as soon as he said "Welches" it all clicked. I told him I read about him online and get got moving pretty quickly.

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