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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest Blazer front office rumor: Pritchard's getting the ax

If it happens, it will be quite shocking.

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I don't follow the Blazers closely enough to be a Pritchard fan, but I sure do follow them a lot more closely than I did a few years ago when they appeared on the police blotter as often as they did on the sports page.

Pritchard has helped to make me happy to be a Blazers fan again, and I bet there are an awful lot more Portlanders out there like me. Sure it would be great if Oden were healthy, and it would be awesome if they lasted deep into the playoffs, but hey--we're getting there! And we have a team to be proud of, both on and off the court.

I think Durant is coming back to haunt Pritchard. I can't blame Pritchard, though, I probably would have picked Oden given the Blazers situation at the time (and still now) - lacking a reliable inside scoring threat.

not going to happen.

Typical Clownzano pandering.... But the Oden pick draft bust will haunt KP for a long time...

Pritchard and Penn's agent is sticking up for his clients. The three of them cannot be surprised this happened. Philosophical differences don't just pop-up overnight. Nor do three-inch thick HR files. They knew this day was coming. If they didn't, that's just one more reason the team was right to let the guy go.

The question now is how badly does Pritchard want to stay in Portland?

Roy, Aldrige, Batum, Fernandez, Bayless, Howard, Canby, Miller and oh yeah Oden, who 90% of the world wanted to pick at the time, and a 90%+ season ticket renewal with a price increase. Are you kidding me. If they are really considering dumping Pritchard, those guys at Vulcan should be required to pee in a cup, to see what flavor of kool aid they've been drinking. I suspect there's a back story with Penn that we are not hearing. But it would be nice if one of the Vulcans, or Allen himself threw some cold water on this story and assured us season ticket holders that Pritchard isn't going anywhere.

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