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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wholesome family fun

Can't wait until this is a regular thing down here in Portland.

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I'm surprised you haven't reported that MLS players voted overwhelming to go on strike before the season if there isn't movement on the collective bargaining agreement.


PS: . . . or that the Timbers beat Seattle!

Hey, I was impressed that they used their scarves to hide their faces.

We need Mamet to write "Scarf" or "Yellow Scarf" about a gang that uses a soccer game to steal the jewels.

This sounds like a job for thumper Humphreys, PPB can put him outside PGE, I mean Paulsen Park and he can taze these ruffians into submission.

If Portland does, they'll all be hipsters living out a Bill Hicks routine:

"We're the Hooligans...(pop with a water balloon)"

"Get back here!"

"Better catch me fast, or I'll become a scallowag!"

You're right, this sports is never going to catch on here. As every Duck fan knows, it's the players who're supposed to be assaulting people

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