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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phil Knight keeps dumping

We blogged the other day about how Phil Knight has been selling a huge fortune in Nike stock lately. Yesterday he sold a bunch more, bringing his total sales in the past eight days to almost $300 million worth.

Something tells me that the second down leg of our deep recession is near.

I wish I knew where he was going to park all that cash. I want a teeny, weeny piece of that.

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A market correction is due and from what Im reading it could be deep (not March levels though), but could his actions be related to Bush's tax cut benefits for the super rich coming to an end?

Hey it ain't cheap buying new uniforms every week...

$300 million isn't that much to Uncle Phil. The share price is up right now so why not diversify his holdings and cash in on it? He's always been a very shrewd businessman, and selling while the stock is doing well is smart.

Isn't that about what one of the athletes makes to endorse the brand?

Another edifice perhaps? Ok by me,I see philanthropy as a windfall for the public benefit. Say what you will about priorities (UofO Athletics) but his donations are one critical piece of a successful athletic program. Watching Ducks and Beavers on National TV (ABC) this afternoon is exhibit "A". If they win, we'll call that the smoking gun - and rest.

I remember some years back when the University of Oregon and Phil Knight did not get along too well, in fact, he almost gave the David Frohnmayer a heart attack when he stopped making his yearly donations.

The misnomer that a lot of people have about large companies is that they have very deep pockets and that they can survive forever. That's the same thing that they thought about Sony in Springfield. As it turns out, their deep pockets dried up and they had to close several plants in the United States.

Donations are great... Sony did a lot of them as well, donating to the community. something that always puzzled us since we didn't have enough money in the budget for upgrades and repairs on our machinery. However, when it comes to the survival of the company, one of the first things that I would consider stopping is the donations.

It just makes sense... if the company survives, they can resume the donations. No company = no donations.

And if you do not think that it can't happen, look at Microsoft. They have publicly stated that if taxes and other federal programs go through, that they are willing to go overseas with their operations.

Basically, in the United States, we are taxing ourselves out of business.

So to me, it is not surprising at all that Phil Knight is dumping stock.

...Would it be crass to hit him up for some recall (Adams) cash??

Maybe it's to bail out Laika (?)

The last Forbes list I sa, from last month, seemed to list Knight as having about $ 4 Billion. Three hundred million is 7.5 %. Thats a significant chunk of his net worth, if the Forbes list number is accurate.

Maybe Phil is going to fund the Sellwood Bridge replacment.

The Nike Bridge has a nice ring to it.

With the range of Exchange Traded Funds that's offered, there's a way in this marketplace for anyone who has a few bucks to put his/her money where their mouth is (or keystrokes are).

You too can buy derivatives just like shares of stock. All you need is an on-line brokerage account.

True believers in a second recession leg can buy double inverse index funds (underlying assets are swaps) like DXD (Dow), SDS (S&P 500), SRS (REITS), REW (Tech) and DUG (Oil). If you think the second leg is worldwide, look at funds like FXP (Hong Kong), EPV (Asia, Europe and Pacific) and BZQ (Brazil).

A word for the wise, if you buy short funds you got to sell them.

For a more complete list check out www.proshares.com.

"...Would it be crass to hit him up for some recall (Adams) cash??"

OT and RT by RANZ (appologies to FBers).

I would love to see Uncle Phil, or Aunt Gert, or even Ron Tonkin donate alot of their resources (emotional and intelectual capital) to Portland via the (hopefully) soon to be vacant Mayor's position.

Maybe a subject for a blog post on Portland's best business men and women for ScamAdam's old job?

I seem to remember something about Knights share sales being predetermined according to a certain timeline so as not to disturb the "natural" Nike share price. If he really thought it was good time to sell why didnt he just get rid of 15% or 20% or 30% ?

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