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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blazers' season will start with questions

Coach Nate seems to be saying that Brandon Roy and Andre Miller can't play well together. So why did the Blazers go get Miller?

There are so many questions swirling around Coach's lineup decisions right now that the Blazer faithful is going to have to be content to sit back and watch. They all howled when I suggested last spring that Nate's not capable of taking this team to the next level. This year, we're going to see. I hope I was wrong.

Yes, it's nice to have Miller coming off the bench -- if he comes. But he's not going to like doing that, and so you have to wonder whether he will.

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Should've drafted DeJuan Blair.

I've come around to seeing this as a good move. The problem last year was inconsistent play from our backup point guard so why not replace Sergio and Bayless with Andre? He said he was okay with it. Perhaps the talk about not coming here if he wasn't going to start was a ploy that didn't work and now Andre is being a realist.
Andre said that the team won 54 games last year so he understands why you wouldn't want to change things too much.
Inserting Greg into the starting line-up does make sense though. It's time.
Then we get to keep the chemistry from the starting 5 and the second unit would be Andre, Rudy, Travis, Martell and Joel.
That's an intriguing question mark. I'd definitely make a video of Sergio's best passes to Rudy and see if Miller can duplicate those. I bet he can.
Rudy and Martell shoot 3s. Joel is
a force inside, and Andre could drive to the rack. Travis is a little light at power forward but he is no slouch.
Finally, if Steve struggles on a particular night to matchup as with the Houston Rockets in the playoffs, we bring in Andre.
I like it.

Nate needs to stop with the H.S. coach treatment and mindgames. He said he'd let play and effort determine the starting spots... so it's telling that he waffled on naming the C and PG spots, where Oden and Miller were often dominant. Thanks Andre, now take a seat.

Roy needs to learn to play with Miller regardless of who's starting... they'll both be out there when the game is on the line.

Bill Simmons at ESPN says this about that. Scroll down to items 21 and 22.

Scroll down to items 21 and 22

Make that items 21 and 20.

It seems to me that Nate is saying they HAVEN'T been playing well together, not that they CAN'T. And he's also saying that Andre - for whatever reason - still isn't up to speed in the Blazer system. I'm willing to give this one some time...

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