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Friday, October 9, 2009

More important work at Portland Water

Essential city business is done, come rain or shine.

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They sure have a lot of idle time on their hands there at the water bureau to blog so much. Maybe a staff cut like in planning is in order. Don’t hold our collective breaths.

It'd be nice if, as I suggested, instead of 100s of posts about water bottles or stickers, we could have had ONE about raising water/sewer rates - Not even one notice to give people any heads up.

Be careful, though, this woman is the official media contact about PWB. Apparently, if we have a water main burst at 200AM she is one of the first to get a call - Then again, this might explain the high levels of service from PWB.

Keep track of the names who appear the most on that blog. Cut those positions first, as they apparently have no essential puprpose at that agency.

In the interest of reducing waste, shouldn't they all just drink from the faucet?

Mr. Benton -

The only reason there were cuts at BDS is because BDS was funded primarily by fees for permits. Construction died, fees dried up, and staff cuts followed.

That is not ever going to happen at the water bureau. Water keeps rolling out of the pipes, and users - residential, commercial and industrial - keep paying bills. As long as water bills are being paid, water bureau staff will stay fat.

And the dirty little scam is that PDX water bills are subject to the CoP utility tax, like phone, natural gas and electric. So, not only does the water bill fund the water bureau staff, but the utility tax which the city collects flows to (pun intended)to the city general fund, to pay for other stuff.

Nonny Mouse:
I am aware of everything you stated and totally agree. In addition they also charge sewer fees by using your water rate. This is regardless of whether or not you flushed your toilet or watered your lawn. That is another big rip off. As a matter of fact the East County sewer project was mandated only because they needed more revenue to pay for the big pipe project. Everyone in E. Multnomah County who was on a septic system was not doing any polluting or harm, but they forced it anyway. That was one project that was vehemently supported by the most incompetent governor this state ever had, Roberts. (By just a small degree worse however to the incompetence to Kitzhaber and Kulongoski.)

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