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Friday, October 9, 2009

Good money after bad

With all the money the Portland Development Commission has wasted trying to get somebody to build Shangri-la in the multi-modal mecca known as the east end of the Burnside Bridge, you'd think they'd know enough to take a break from the fruitless spending.

You would think.

But no.

The consulting team will consist of Will Bruder, who teaches in the Portland State University School of Architecture, along with Group Mackenzie (architecture and transportation planning), Works Partnership Architects (architecture), Green Building Services (sustainability), Johnson Reid (market analysis), Peter Finley Fry (planning), Lango Hansen (landscape) and Architectural Cost Consulting Consultants (cost estimating).
All those hands out, and for what? If you couldn't get this project done before the economy tanked, who in their right mind thinks that anything's going to happen there now?

Maybe it's time to start shrinking the PDC for lack of anything real to do. Just a thought.

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Yeah we are all tired of the big spending and having it not benefit the people. And we are all having the thought of shrinking people with no real jobs or just to much time on their hands. Here's a meeting that might interest you. Details are posted below. We hope to see you there.

Obama’s Policies for Immigrant Rights: All Tricks, No Treat!

A roundtable discussion about detentions and deportations under the Obama Administration. Sunday, October 11th, 3:00 p.m. Hearty meal at 2:00 p.m. for an $8-$10 donation. Door donation is $2. Bread & Roses Center, 819 N. Killingsworth St. (½ block west of N. Albina on N. Killingsworth, TriMet lines #4 and #72) in Portland. Hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party. All welcome. For more information or childcare call or email in advance, 503-240-4462, fsp@igc.org or visit www.socialism.com.

The notice above has nothing to do with the topic, except maybe to the illegal aliens who would be employed on the boondoggle. If these folks really had the interests of the working stiffs at heart, they'd support enforcement of the immigration laws - Drywall and insulation used to pay a living wage.

Shrink PDC? How about eliminate PDC all together and redirect that giant budget to basic services...

Hey. they've rebuilt every sq inch of downtown 3 times already. They're getting bored.

PDC should take their money and bring real family wage jobs to Portland!
Also...Peter Fry is part of a partnership that owns the Templeton Building across the street. Just a bit of self interest and possible conflict of interest there?
Wal-Mart might still be lurking to get a deal on the property.

King Midas's evil twin is named King Feces. It is that second king who runs PDC.

wow is that a c*rcle J*rk , or
as they say in City Guberment , a 'stimulus package'

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