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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coach cries the blues

The fired football coach at Portland's Lincoln High School has lawyered up and is protesting his dismissal after he pleaded guilty to interfering with police outside the Rose Garden following a professional fight at that arena. Police reportedly have said that he was drunk at the time.

It's kind of difficult to feel sorry for the guy over losing his $6,200-a-year coaching gig, when the school kept him on in a $25,700 security guard job. I would have thought that folks who get in the way of police officers would be less qualified to be security monitors than they are to be football coaches.

The incident that led to the firing reportedly took place on Tri-Met property in the Rose Quarter. Doesn't the transit agency have just about every square inch of that property covered by security video cameras? If so, it would be pretty interesting to see the footage of the activity in question.

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There has been little, if any, discussion of the cops' role in this matter. Considering the recent status of the PPB, is it not possible that one or more of the police officers involved acted inappropriately?

Why don't we just throw out every case the PPB is involved in.

When I hear people tell me that Oregon is so much better than Texas, I ask for examples. Here, we have a good example. This guy is kvetching about getting back a job that pays a whole $6200 a year? Considering that the head football coach at my high school made ten times that in 1984 (and nearly four times what the heads of every department actually involved with education did), I'd use this as Exhibit A. (I'd also like to add that the coach in question didn't have any problems with kindasorta suggesting that players taking steroids would get an edge on their games, and that attitude led to the death of one of my classmates about a month back. Again, that makes a public fistfight look like really small potatoes.)

Football players who had trouble growing up after leaving school either got into trouble, or became coaches. God bless em all, most of them just big rowdy kids in adult bodies. Just keep them away from the keggers and the fights, and they usually fare pretty well.

Dare I start another S***storm by calling this moron coach a (wait for it ---)


The football coach is being fired because the basketball coach has not one but two DUIIs. But the basketball coach is too well-connected to fire.

I've seen his type before - he pled guilty because he was guilty. But he doesn't like the consequences, so now he's trying to walk that plea back in the court of public opinion.

In addition to police reports and Tri Met cameras, I would be very interested to see the records from Hooper Detox, which is where police took this guy instead of jail.

Maybe we ought to wait to see if Adelman is convicted before we talk about sentencing. His trial is set for October 26. His attorney is Stephen Houze, so I'm expecting an aquittal.

Don't get me going, Gibby. From long hard experience with the type, I can verify that Al Bundy is a justified and well-researched cliche.

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