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Monday, July 13, 2009

From pharmacy to faucet

With several people at the Portland Water Bureau constantly mailing us, texting us, covering us with bumper stickers, and tweeting us about how wonderful the city's drinking water is, it's good that a dissenting voice is heard now and then.

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I'd love to read a dissenting voice, but that blog's font and excessive use of all caps induced nausea.

An awful lot of exclamation marks too.

No numbers.

I think I see a parallel with certain other blog postings...

...but I may be wrong!!!!

Dissenting voice or simply uninformed drivel? Nothing like scary statistics completely out of context. I'll stick with Bull Run water any day over the total idiocy of paying for tap water in a bottle. This is categorically not a dissenting voice, but merely another anti-science enviro crap filled scare piece written to make us all feel paranoid. Come on Jack! I expect better of you than selling this as simply a "dissenting" voice.

I didn't sell it. I linked to it. But I think it does ask an interesting question: How does birth control medication get into Portland's drinking water?

Also, I found the presentation style quite amusing.

Here's a link to the water bureau site listing the specific amounts of the "PPCPs."


Caffeine was detected in Bull Run water (who knows how it got there), and caffeine and the other PPCPs were tested in the Portland well water supply (so much for flushing un-used meds down the toilet - or maybe used ones too???).

The amounts are on the order of parts per trillion, or a few thousandths of a milligram per liter of water. I don't know about the other meds, but I think the OTC ibuprofen tablet is 200 mg, and a cup of coffee might have 100 mg of caffeine. Drinking a thousand liters of water a day will add 9-25 mg of caffeine to your system, 25 mg of acetaminophen, 2.4 mg of ibuprofen, and 1.8 mg of sulfamethoxazole.

I bet there are scarier things in water...

Forget water.. let's have fun and talk about hamburger!

"Hormone pollution." I'm no scientist but maybe it works like this: Women take birth control pills. Birth control pills are not fully metabolized / consumed. Women pee un-metabolized / un-consumed chemicals from birth control pills into toilets. Water flushed from toilets enters sewer and goes to sewage treatment plant. Sewage is treated and water "returned" to river. Water in river evaporates/returns to atmosphere. Water from atmosphere condenses into rain and snow and falls on Mt. Hood and into Bull Run. Everybody, except for the distilled water guy, drinks Bull Run water. Everybody's on birth control.

Coming soon: A disclaimer from the city that Bull Run water does not prevent sexually transmitted disease.

My sources tell me it isn't the Bull Run water but the well water mixed in.

Grateful for the sensible dissents from the "dissenter" whose screed is just one more rant from those who avoid serious analytical arguments. No numbers, no calculations of risk factors. Just noise.

Don't shoot the messenger. Obama's science czar has some ideas on what to put in the water...


I report. You decipher.

With all that crap in the water already, you'd think people would drop their objection to fluoride (sp?). I mean, the dissolved Prozac and Ambien is great, but my kids need better enamel.

One doesn't need to read all of that logorrhoea, aka verbal diarrhea, to recognize a nut case. And lest anyone think filtration is the answer, the last thing we need is the Water Bureau filtering our pristine water, like they are still planning, which will introduce a host of new chemical toxins.

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