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Monday, June 8, 2009

Scofflaws exposed

Here are some light-rail commuters who aren't paying their fares.

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That's no excuse. The lawbreakers either need to pay or go to jail. (And yes, my tongue is so far in cheek that it's coming out my right ear.)

Why, those dogs! What nerve!

I've run into a wild dog or two on the Max, but I am not talking about the canine variety.

Well, they are working for food.

WES could use a few of them to run up the ridership numbers.

Dogs and cats are so amazing. Feral cats, too, build their own societies,replet with trails to hunting grounds. I applaud societies and groups that learn to co-exists with dog and cat colonies. The US is not great in this arena, but if it would take the lead of groups such as Alley Cat Allies, I think our society would be better. Future generations would learn to coexist with these remarkable animals rather than subscribe to the American notion of crying "nuisance" and exterminating them. Anyone or anything can become an unreasonable interference with use and enjoyment of property, but the individual organism is something all together different and amazing. If kids could learn to respect and be educated by animals, the future would be full of possiblities imo.

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