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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another great Sam-Rand moment for Portland

Sorry, folks, we've closed your local police precinct. Haven't you heard? There's a recession on -- we're out of money! Besides, we are very tapped from the transit mall rip-up, poodle poop park in SoWhat, Convention Center hotel, and two new bush league stadiums. So busy. Oh, well. Go by streetcar! [Via WW.]

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But they do have $150,000 or more to blow on for renaming 39th Avenue to grab a few political points even though close to 90% of the people do not support it.

Randy needs more money for self-aggrandizement.

Check out the new slide show on his city blog.


Mayor Facebook speaks on soccer:

"To become the most sustainable city in the world, Portland must build its international profile, and the language that the world speaks most, is the language of futbol."


"This puts Portland on the international map"

Mayor Facebook on the I-5 bridge:

"I need to see an overall bridge that is something to show the world."

Mayor Facebook on the OHSU aerial tram:

"It will finally put Portland on the international map."

Mayor facebook on North Macadam (later renamed "South Waterfront"):

"This will mean 10,000 jobs in the cutting-edge biotechnology, and make Portland an international force in the field."

Mayor Facebook on police precinct closure:

(Adams voice his support then quickly left before the final vote, like Leonard)

is it just me, or is Adams a little, er, outwardly focused?

That's shameful.

I doubt this is the only cut the Bureau has seen, either.

It seems the frequency of being jarred awake at night by gunfire is on the rise in this city. Good thing we'll have MLS soccer to take care of that!

I saw two mounted patrol members in the Pearl today. Their horses were tied to a lamp post near Starbucks where they were enjoying a couple of coffees at one of the outside tables. One of the horses was on the sidewalk and folks seemed wary of passing in the three feet between its hindquarters and the building so they were going out into the street to get around. No one was complaining, however, and seemed to enjoy staring at the horses.

With budget constraints, I keep expecting them to disappear any day now but since it's popular and colorful it is probably safe.

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