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Saturday, May 9, 2009

NBA Playoffs slip into snooze mode

The last 24 hours have done considerable damage to our enthusiasm for the pro basketball championship tourney. Houston giant Yao Ming's bad left foot is acting up -- last night he was limping and hopping around as the Lakers got the upper hand in their series. Today Denver took Dallas out with a highly controversial noncall at the end of the game -- a Bennett Salvatore officiating crew characteristically made itself the story, rather than the players -- and now the Nuggets lead that series 3 to 0. Over in the east, the Lebron juggernaut continues. As we predicted here back in mid-April, Cleveland is making mincemeat of Atlanta.

All that's left to follow is the Celtics-Orlando series, which is interesting, at least for the moment. (Orlando's ahead 2 to 1.) But the other three matchups are making a perfect backdrop to good, long spring naps.

The script for the Kobe-Lebron showdown is being played out, but perhaps with a little too much precision. There's more drama going on in our flower beds at the moment.

Comments (5)

Yao is done for the season, broken foot.

NBA aside, when did you adopt the royal we? Do you have a writing partner, ghost writer, or are you simply assuming that your readers agree with everything you say, thus you are speaking for all of us.

Don't take this wrong. Love your blog and read it everyday. Keep it up!

Don't discount Denver. Billups was the steal of the year for Iverson.

NBA aside, when did you adopt the royal we?

It's the editorial we.

Damn, if only the Blazers could have broken Yao's foot....


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