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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting sucked in

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You couldn't have found a picture of a newer iPod. That picture is, like, so 5 years ago.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

I actually find mine essential for my MAX trips to and from work every day. Then I dont have to listen to the loud phone calls and the late night exploits of others who ride the damn thing. I get so sick of hearing about people's personal lives and sexual exploits in conversations on public transit.
Have some discretion people!

We inherited one from my daughter, we bought her a newer one and got her old one repaired. I was excited to see what all the excitement was all about. It really didn't do that much for me. My wife now uses it occasionally, I have no desire (and many other places for money) rather than get one for myself. I know some folks swear by them - just another toy to me.

PS - the one we inherited looks like the one you have in the picture, 40 Gigs and harder to lose than those tiny things they sell now.

That picture is, like, so 5 years ago.

We have a much newer, much smaller, model. The photo is from a "sign generator" site.

I use one (I have four) extensively to listen to the "radio" -- podcasts and ripped live broadcasts transferred from the computer to the portable device. It's great for walking (FM reception is so poor in many places) and for time shifting when plugged into the car's audio, and even for bedtime stories from audiobooks. Why four? It's an embarrassment; that's about all I can say, other than to express admiration for Apple's marketing skill.

I am satisfied that I know what an IPod is. Thank God for my more tech savvy friends and relatives. I do sometimes fantasize that it would be nice to be able to listen to all my favorites back to back, but I satisfy that fantasy with books on tape, a habit I developed just this year driving to and from eastern Oregon.

If anyone is considering buying an iPod nano, I highly recommend looking at the new Zune that sells for the same amount. I just bought one of the 8GB versions because the hardware and software just seemed more intuitive. The interface is beautiful and customizable. It can also wirelessly sync with your computer... no cables if you so choose. It even has a precise and extremely clear FM radio function. It's been handy when I'm not able to watch the Blazers on TV...

iTunes has a better download selection, but not by much. When you consider their DRM-riddled, proprietary file format, it may not be worth it anyway.

It all sounds geeky, but if you like music more than casually, you should consider diving into digital music. I spent $149, which feels cheap considering how much music is at my fingertips. You don't need more than 8GB, nor do you need to drop more money... it's more than enough MP3 player for most people. I don't even buy music online, I still buy CDs and rip them onto my computer so that I have a physical copy too.

Just do it. Seriously, it's not complicated.

We have both Zunes and Ipods in our house. And I have to say, the Zune software is about the most bloated, clunky thing I have ever used. The Zune itself is fine though...works great. The only thing I dont like with the newer Zune models is lack of any equalizer settings.

Household has Zunes and iPods.

iPods win the marketing war.

Zune wins on value -- have an all-you-can listen to unlimited download plan for my son, and at $15/month he has access to just about any music he wants. Hasn't purchased a CD in several years. Microsoft recently updated their terms so that he can permanently keep 10 tunes per month (accumulates), so he have his favorites long after he stops the subscription.

iPods are iconic - you can't miss their white earbuds worldwide. Heck, some even cheat by using "white" earbuds with their brand-x MP3 player.

Finally, I agree with prior post - subscribing and listenting to podcasts is the way to go on many radio programs; like listening to a radio show after reading about some good comments about said show - without commercials.

This links to a neat article showing how to power an ipod using an onion: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24699135-5012895,00.html

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