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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uncured turkey 'dogs

We had a great weekend in the pro football underdog pool. We went with the Jets over the previously unbeaten Titans, and were right on the money. The only way we could have done better was with the Raiders over the Broncos, but we simply weren't that brave.

We're still in third place, now 8½ points behind the leader and a mere 4 points behind the second-place player. (Both of the folks ahead of us are women with supernatural powers -- hard to outmaneuver.) Behind us are other hopefuls who are 8½, 9½, and 11 points in our wake.

This week's slate is intriguing. See any underdogs (in caps) on the list who you think can win their game outright? The point spreads are relevant only in that they indicate how many points we'll cop if our pick actually wins its game in the real world:

13 SEATTLE at Dallas (Thursday)
10.5 DETROIT vs. Tennessee (Thursday)
9 DENVER at NY Jets
7 SAN FRANCISCO at Buffalo
7 CINCINNATI vs. Baltimore
5 CLEVELAND vs. Indianapolis
5 ATLANTA at San Diego
4 NEW ORLEANS at Tampa Bay
3.5 WASHINGTON vs. NY Giants
3.5 CHICAGO at Minnesota
3.5 JACKSONVILLE at Houston
3 CAROLINA at Green Bay
3 ARIZONA at Philadelphia (Thursday)
3 KANSAS CITY at Oakland
1.5 PITTSBURGH at New England

On a preliminary look-see, we're attracted to the Niners, Cleveland, and Atlanta. But is this the week that the Jets screw up? Bengals at home against Baltimore?

If you like a 'dog in one of the three Thanksgiving Day games, you'll have to pipe up quick; otherwise, we've got 'til Saturday night to place our bet. With another winner, we'd be starting to look like a real contender for one of the three cash prizes. Please help us get there!

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Definitely take Atlanta. I'm a lifelong Chargers fans, and my boys are making me sick this year. They've got no spirit, and Norv seems to have given up. LT can't break 100 yards, Rivers is throwing petty little fits on the sidelines, Merriman is out...sigh. It's ugly down there, and such a talented team it is. Meanwhile Ryan is playing like a 10 year pro, Turner is scoring at will (and will be running with a chip on his shoulder, anxious to show the Chargers what they ignored for so many years)...I think Atlanta takes this one by 10 points. You gotta take them, Jack.

I agree that Atlanta makes the most sense, but I think Denver is an interesting pick: I just don't believe in this Jets team, and Denver is somewhere between "functionally frisky" and "potentially dangerous" on the quality scale.

Yep, I'm with the ATL pick. SD has thrown in the towel this year.

Having watched the Saints dismantle the Packers with Brees throwing lazer darts in their victory Monday night, my pick for an upset is New Orleans. True they haven't performed well on the road, but they did beat the Bucs. early in the season and their backs are to the wall in this NFC East match up. Didn't the Lions score 17 before the Bucs rallied for the win last week?

Denver is the one that keeps calling out to me. I also agree with genop's assessment, the big IF being the road factor. The Saints just looked comfortable on their own field.

1 Saints
2 Arizona
3 Atlanta

Denver for the lead ainec.

Turned out to be a good week for underdogs

I count six 'dog winners so far -- that's what we had last week.

Who did you pick?


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