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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Straight outta (the other) Brooklyn

Coming to Portland next year, they say: hap'nin' concerts put together by an outfit called JellyNYC.

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Interesting article.

“All the soul from this neighborhood is going to be gone if these concerts and the films and everything else that happens at the pool is gone,” Mr. Kane said. “Then this neighborhood just turns into any other neighborhood that was settled by artists, and then the artists have to leave.”

Yes, indeed. The real soul of Brooklyn is contained within the bodies of twenty-something hipster transplants. And when they leave, the area will die.

"But even the free shows cost money. Mr. Kane said his budget for the season of nine shows is almost $750,000, raised largely through corporate sponsorships. As a result the pool parties are heavily branded. Advertising banners line the stage side of the pool, opposite the Scion display car and the little village of promotional booths for Topshop, a clothing store, where patrons get a branded plastic beach mat after sitting for a branded photo-booth session."

Even more soulful. Should do great in Portland.

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