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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Gig generator

Here's an ad for another job connected with the OHSU Health Club aerial tram [rim shot]. Another step toward full employment for the "creative class."

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It's a temp job, only six months, with slightly better than temp pay.

I'm guessing the city gets two, maybe three applicants, tops.

Sorry, I can't do it. Fear of heights.

Daphne, I'm reading it a bit differently than you. It states that it's only funded for 6 months, but MAY BE EXTENDED if additional funding is found. My guess as to the likelihood of that additional funding being found? Right around 100%.

Plus, I guess I don't know what temps get paid, but $40k - $62k annually doesn't sound horrible. Right in the range of Portland median income, depending on whose figures you believe.

I'd be curious as to how many applicants they get...

A friend of mine from back east just saw The Tram and she predicted it would be one of Portland's top tourist attractions by the end of next summer.

So, if Portland ever decides to charge a buck or two a ride, maybe we could make the 50 mill or so back some day.

We shall see.

Hey....These are just the first of many "biotechnology" jobs.

Before you all get excited about applying, read the fine print: you have to already be a city employee to apply. That often --but doesn't necessarily- mean there's someone already in line for the position.

Isn't the first requirement

"Knowledge of principles and practices of sound business communication."

Kind of an Oxymoron.

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