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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

For the good of humankind

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Looks like immolation is imminent.

Every photo in this series is even funnier than the last. I'm looking forward to the leather-bound coffee-table book, Collectors' Edition.

A nun on the run.


Isn't she looking to be elected a judge in Multnimah Co.?

Nice wimple!

Now that is scary. It's a wee bit early for Halloween, dontcha think?

Wonder when the Emily picture in Arabic dress or in Native American garb, or dressed as a Hassidic jew will run?

No, wait, those would be insulting and non PC.

Its only the Cayholics who get ridiculed by Portland's "Oh so fashionable" in crowd.

Jack, ypou owe an expansion to cover all other religious garb, or a serious apology and retraction.

I'll work on it.

Is this a frame from the upcoming Sister Act III?

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