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Monday, June 12, 2006

How the Bush tax cuts wreck your lungs

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Here's the scoop on the soot.

I think you have the wrong link to the scoop on the soot.


"Portland General Electric's coal-burning power plant near Boardman pollutes more than 10 protected parks and wilderness areas, including Mount Hood, Mount Rainier and Mount Jefferson, a new federal analysis found."

Why click the link? Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and the oil companies will tell me everything I need to know on the subject. It's the same way I learned the Al Gore film was a lie. It makes my life so much easier.

Seems like step one could also mention a few local players: MacIntire, Sizemore, Eyman...

Jack: I find it ironic that you've used the Central District of the North Macadam Central URA as your 2. and 6. points of your flow chart. Regarding:

2. But I thought the Portland taxpayers and not China was financing NM.

6. What do you mean "even if Bush cared"-what about our own Vera Katz and now Tom Potter and Council cared?

Nothing to see here folks. Place your heads firmly back in the sand. Watch out for the broken glass though...

One question: are federal income tax revenues higher or lower after the "tax cuts"? It was a rate cut, not a tax cut. Federal income tax revenues are higher than they were prior to the so-called "tax cuts". Increased deficits are caused by significant increases in federal spending. But who cares about facts?



Is that after discounting for the increase in the money supply?

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