November 06, 2004

Come blow your horn

This is going to be so great. Me, Sam and Grampy running the show. It's time to really Think Big, and you know that's my thing. We'll take over PGE, start a public campaign finance system, turn the Coliseum into a 24 Hour Fitness, create more incentives for that creative class that's causing such an economic boom around here, and make way for another dozen condo towers! (I know Sam and Homer will really love that last one.)

And you know, I'm wondering, do you think the Convention Center is big enough? I was thinking that maybe we should extend it over the Banfield, all the way down to where Neil's people are putting in the Home Depot. It's working out so well as a minor league basketball arena, why not minor league football in there, too? We'll have to find somewhere else for the Latino day laborers to stand while they're begging for work, but I was thinking maybe we could put them out by the airport somewhere. Remind me to run that one by the new guys.

Grampy's so funny. The things he says about V.'s outfits behind her back. And he's been acting like he can't remember R.'s name. The other day he called him "Richie," and today he introduced him to Grampy's wife (who I don't think I'll be calling Grandma) as "Lenny Randall." Later, he and I were laughing so hard about it that Grampy fell into one of his coughing fits. Well, if he should keel over, now that we've got Mom and Dad out of the way, I'm ready to take the helm.

I'm getting such a good feeling about the Chief. Yesterday we were walking down the hall to see Mr. Big Pipe, and Grampy put his hand on my shoulder and starting whistling that theme from "The Andy Griffith Show."

One thing I am going to ask him to do in his first hundred days is lower the podium a little bit so I can see over it better.

Posted by Erik at November 6, 2004 03:39 AM