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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feeling chipper with the Chipster

We noted our birthday a couple of weeks ago. Apparently word of this reached one of our solons, who took time out to send us a card, which arrived at Blog Central yesterday:

Not only that, but he's paying attention:

This sort of thing cheers us up no end.

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But yours was signed "The Shields Family" mine was more personal it was signed "Chip." I guess he likes me better, as Tommy Smothers used to say.

Am I the only one who thinks this is creepy?

Am I the only one who thinks this is creep?"

Nope! Taxpayers are paying for the card and Shields loses my vote.

That's not exactly what I meant lw, but I get your point too.

I assume Jack and Phil have not joined the Chip Shields Birthday Club, so where did he get their DOB? Presumably from voter registration info. Is sending out disingenuous election porn (sorry Chip, that's what it is) the proper use of this data? I find it rather invasive and stalker-ish. It reeks of Big Brother, IMO.

How about "he got the birthday" from this BLOG?? I think the whole thing is kind of adorable and hilarious.

Did he get Phil's birthday HERE too, Sally? And that looks like a generic PRE-PRINTED birthday card. It's doubtful he had it printed up just for Jack. Geesh.

Yep The Chippster Sent both my wife and me a big Happy birthday postcard, we both thought it creepy too. The DOB most likely came from the nosy Driver's License Department in the great state of Salem.

Point taken, Ex-bartender. But he obviously looks at the blog. "Don't call it election porn" was a personal message -- probably kind of a lie, too, generally speaking. :=)

Expect more creepy. Once these public servants / Hollywood-for-the-ugly crowd get way into mashing up FB data with public databases etc they'll be able to really creep you out. Big Data meets your neighborhood city/state politician, who like Chip, is just trolling for votes and does not really wannabe your friend.

Oh, don't over-think it -- sometimes a nice gesture is just that.

The certainty that taxpayer funds are being used comes from where, exactly?

In the late 90s, a friend of mine was in the California state Assembly. I accompanied him to a seminar for elected officials at the Asilomar Conference Center. One of the meetings touched on this very subject – sending birthday greetings to constituents. It was suggested that maybe the birthday greetings could be in the form of “proclamations,” which could be framed. For example, declaring “Jack Bogdanski Day” or something like that.

Maybe this practice has only now reached Oregon.

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