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Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Dog race staying tight

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have chosen as follows:

9.5 BALTIMORE at Denver - Jeremy, Tung, pdxmick, Gary, PDXileinOmaha, Gordon, Biggest Cubs Loser, Dr. D, Usual Kevin, Coastal Storm, Annie, Eric W., Tinknocker, Cinderella Story, Grizfan
9.5 HOUSTON at New England - Ted, Paul, Broadway Joe, DB Cooper, genop's gal, Juicen
3 GREEN BAY at San Francisco - George, Dave A., NoPoGuy, Sola, Will, Bayou Baby, Pete Rose, JMH, Bad Brad, John Cr., John Ch., Drewbob, genop, Michael K.
1 SEATTLE at Atlanta - Rudie, Carol, Lucas

It doesn't look as though that logjam between our second and seventh places is going to be broken up this weekend, as it appears all the players in that pack went with the Pack. But Tung could leapfrog up from eighth if The Good Flacco shows up.

Have a great couple of days, and enjoy the last Saturday of real football until late summer.

UPDATE, 11:46 p.m.: Wow, a big win for Baltimore, but nada for Green Bay. The standings going into Sunday's games are as follows. Folks with a 'dog in the hunt on Sunday are designated with asterisks:

DB Cooper 57.5*
Will 44
George 43.5
Tung 43.5
Grizfan 41
Michael K. 40
NoPoGuy 39
PDXileinOmaha 37.5
Drewbob 37
JMH 36
Tinknocker 34.5
Pete Rose 33.5
Cinderella Story 31.5
Dr. D 31
Bad Brad 30.5
Paul 29*
Pdxmick 28.5
Annie 27.5
Broadway Joe 25.5*
Jeremy 24.5
Usual Kevin 24.5
John Ch. 24
Sola 23.5
Ted 22.5*
genop 22
Juicen 22*
Carol 21*
Dave A. 21
Gordon 21
Rudie 20.5*
Eric W. 19.5
Biggest Cubs Loser 19
Bob 18.5
Bayou Baby 18
Coastal Storm 17.5
genop's gal 17.5*
Ricardo 16.5
John Cr. 14
Pete Rozelle 11.5
Gary 9.5
MickeyMac37NYC 6
Lucas 5*

Comments (2)

Amazing double OT win for the Ravens. Congrats to those brave enough to pick a BIG dog!

In my case, it was desperation, rather than bravery. Or cold-hearted application of game theory logic. I had to pick one of the big games, and hope that the players ahead of me wouldn't pick the same one. Glad it worked out that way.

(And now, to go root against Green Bay....)

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