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Monday, December 3, 2012

Stunningly bad news from the blogosphere

It's been a busy month, from the election through Bruce, and we've just now happened upon the awful story: The guy who ran Orbusmax, the Northwest Drudge-wannabe site in Seattle, died a few weeks ago. His name was Jim Walker, and he was an absolutely indefatigable blogger. Whatever one's political persuasions -- and we usually disagreed with Walker's viewpoints -- his passing is a big blow to the free flow of information. He sent a lot of traffic to our site, that's for sure. And to many others, no doubt. May he rest in peace.

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Orbus disagreed with Prof Jack on a few things, but mostly he was giving hi-fives when he crosslinked to Bojack.

Orbus was great at shining a light on general news of the NW, but he kept a very bright light in reserve to shine on unfair media and the blokes at City Hall.

You ran your race Jim. You ran it in faith and good will. May God bless those you leave behind.

That is stunning news. Orbus was a force. His passing makes one appreciate more what we have in our dedicated bloggers. So long live Jack!

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