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Friday, December 7, 2012

Have a great weekend

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2012 Dec 07 Friday 16:45 U (4:45 PM PT)

Thank You Jack:

And God Bless Dave Brubeck!

First time I heard "Time Out" was
east bound on US 26 at about mile point 50-54,
at the "rock cut".
It was 1967 June or July with
a rising full moon. Replayed the 8-Track
on the road up to Timberline Lodge.

This Oregon memory has stayed with me at
all times, locales and weather conditions.

Charles Ormsby (Skip)

Eugene Wright lives.

Brubeck: One of the all-time great composers and King of the Keys.

I've gone into honky tonks all around the U.S. and "Take Five" was on almost every jukebox at some point, no matter the locale and the regular clientele. Especially soothing in the afternoon, away from the hubbub.

The most famous Dave Brubeck song was written by his sax player. Sort of like Light My Fire being written by Robbie Krieger.

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