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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another roster change, with extreme prejudice

Tragedy continues to haunt the American pro football league.

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Where's Costas to rant over the evils of demon liquor?

Just as with Operation Tailhook (and repeated in business, religion, and yes sports) when some people are repeatedly told they are the better than everyone else, the rules of decent behavior don't apply to them, and "the ends always justify the means" they will believe it. The statutes of man may turn a blind eye at the transgressions of their heroes, but the laws of nature are unforgiving. Drink and you become impaired. Crash into something at high speed and the conservation of momentum turns your vital organs into pudding.
(My apologies, zonedar, I hope my rant has not excessively troubled you.)

No Problem. But might have a nightcap to ease my mind...

Demon liquor, Mercedes Benz, and Grapevine/Irving topless bars. I am sure Costas will have something to say about this. This is not as hot button as last week, obviously.

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