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Monday, October 29, 2012

How it's done

Here's the Twitter feed by the mayor of Newark, N.J., in the thick of a once-in-a-lifetime disaster. The guy's doing it all. It would be pointless to compare this to the narcissistic clowns running Portland. Utterly pointless.

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Booker's a boss.

Adams is ... whatever this is:


Cory Booker is as close to a real life super hero as you're going to find.

Booker is an awesome public servant. He puts people before politics, can disagree with Rs and his own Ds in a respectful manner, and does what he thinks is right (hated the Obama administration dumping on him for rightfully telling Romney, Obama, and their surrogates to grow up) Plus, he literally pulled a woman out of a burning building. And Jack, you'll love this, he's a Cardinal (Yale Law after that).

TriMet really needs to see that Twitter thread. While there can be massive service disruptions, MAX not running, buses delayed all over the place - TriMet ignores all of it, but posts some B.S. post about how great Portland is, or about some person who chooses to ride TrIMet, or something wonderful about the Streetcar.

We need fewer P.R. Hacks, and more "do-ers" - folks that actually aren't afraid to head into the fire, and rescue people. Folks that are willing to help all citizens...folks that put service above political aspirations.

I'm a staunch Republican, but I really admire Cory Booker. You don't see such a high quality character very much anymore in politics today. Godspeed tonight Mayor Booker.

PDXile: Agreed in full. Hope the national party doesn't ruin this guy as he keeps progressing up the ladder. We need more Corey Bookers and Chris Christies in this country.

Good grief, this man has me considering a move to Newark

From his twitter feed: I'm going to grab something to eat and treat the law enforcement folks I'm with to some hot food.

Booker may be all that and more...

....but remember, Portland was the first large city to elect an openly gay mayor. I remember a few years ago when that meant something to people, even with the massive overhead tax (or high-maintenance tax) that came bundled with Adam's antics.

Fortunately, I think Portland has moved on... But moved on to what will be seen soon enough.

Portland was the first large city to elect an openly gay mayor? Even if that were true (and it's not even close) so what? Is that a bit more testament to the narcissism of "the clowns running Portland?" Does anyone think they could rise to the occasion of disaster if everyone's lives depended on it? Maybe they could run for their own. Yeah, that's it.

That's why we're supposed to have our own emergency kits and multi-day supplies of food and water. Because the CoP won't be riding in to help any time soon.

You left out riding in on cargo bikes, Michelle!
Portland is just pathetic in every way theses days.

Being east of 82nd, I don't expect any help in any form, be it on cargo bikes, unicycles, or flying monkeys.

Portland was the first large city to elect an openly gay mayor

One's sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with their leadership ability, management ability...frankly ANYTHING that is relevant to being the Mayor of one of America's top 30 cities. Or the Mayor of Greenhorn, Oregon (population: 2).

So what if we elected Sam. Are we a better city because of it? No. Are we better - or worse - because of his sexuality? No. Are we better - or worse - because of his leadership and management abilities, or lack thereof? Yes, worse.

I agree with everything you say in the first paragraph. Well, except Greenhorn has way more than 2 people in the summertime. In the winter, the population does go down to just Ron and his wife. Kinda like bicyclists in Portland, depends on when you count them. And the Mayor (Fran) lives in Mill City and vacations in Greenhorn, kinda like Sen Wyden lives in NYC and vacations in the Hamptons. Well, after a few town halls in Oregon.

Regarding the second, I agree that Portland is worse off with Sam's lack of management and leadership abilities. Why was he elected in the first place? And when Portland could have recalled him, why didn't they? Well, he does have certain attributes that the Portland electorate likes to show off, like trinkets on a charm bracelet. But he has no skills, leadership or management related, that are relevant to being the Mayor of one of America's top 30 cities. He should have been recalled because of his lack of skills, rather than kept because of his other attributes.

Party has nothing to do with it; that guy is doing his job, and doing it well. Kudos...

My goodness that guy is walking around talking to homeless people and convincing them to come with him to the shelter, checking on individual's houses AND disseminating Twitter info all at the same time?

Apparently you don't need to live in Oregon to be elected to serve here. I'll write Booker in as mayor.

From all reports it looks like Obama and Christi are all over this thing. Leading from the front. Some of that go juice has to be trickling down.

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