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Monday, October 15, 2012

Darkness where there had been light

Our day job as a tax professional is a lot more colorful and interesting than most people might think. One of the great discoveries of a career in this field is how many bright, funny, accomplished, caring, creative characters spend their lives helping people and companies deal with taxes. We've never regretted going into tax law, even though as a young college graduate we never had the foggiest notion that it was something we might pursue. And mostly our career satisfaction is because of the fine people we've met on the job.

The world has one fewer of those people walking around in it tonight. Merritt Yoelin left us this morning. We had many a great conversation with him over the years, and he was someone that younger practitioners could look up to. He was active in a lot of community organizations, and he loved Portland. He'll be missed, by clients and business associates, by other community activists, and by loved ones. Condolences to them all.

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Thanks Jack. Your kind words about Merritt are much appreciated.

Thanks for your comments. We will miss him.

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