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Thursday, September 27, 2012

You'll never guess who the Portland State Patronage Center just hired

Well, actually, you will. We can't imagine what real faculty members feel like when the latest Goldschmidt Party burnout shows up. It's like one a month. Up next: Creepy Adams, and who knows? Maybe even Admiral Randy. And when Legend Saltzman flames out at City Hall, they'll probably make him university president and name a building after him.

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I can only imagine the subjects he intends to "TEACH".

First class

WZL101 - How to look the other way when it benefits your career.

"Kulongoski believes that education should be a higher priority when it comes to state budgeting. He also feels that the education system is “top heavy” with bureaucracy, ..."

Isn't he the Gov who appointed that former Portland Mayor who raped his baby sitter to lead the State Board of Higher Ed (which ultimately outed the exMayor)? The Gov who claims to have not known, but Fred Leonardt proved him a liar, that Gov?

THAT Gov is now a Prof at PSU? Not sure if that improves the professorial genepool there, or not.

Oooh! A beard, too!

Will Kitz show up at OHSU next?
I guess the prof gig is where old pols go to collect more PERS money.

It's where "retired" pols go to double dip our tax dollars.

Yesterday, I attempted to post the following comment to The Vanguard story; it was rejected:

It’s ironic, to say the least, that Ted Kulongoski is teaching at a state institution of higher learning. In 2003, he appointed a man he knew to be a child rapist, Neil Goldschmidt, to the state board of higher ed. Kulongoski then looked the people of Oregon in the eye and lied about what he knew and when he knew it. The subsequent scandal set back the cause of higher ed in Oregon for years.

Perhaps Kulongoski can salvage something positive from the mess he created by instructing his students on the high cost of losing one’s moral compass, a subject with which he is well acquainted.

Portland Native, if Kitz goes to OHSU, I'll bet it's in a non-medical position. He likes to put himself out as Dr. Kitz, but he hasn't practiced medicine since 1988 and his license is currently inactive.

Any little birdies out there know how long it's been like that? He's been a professional politician longer than he was practicing. Heck, he's been in Mahonia Hall almost as long as the ER.

twice as long

I'm sure the PSU faculty are happy to get a paycheck given their poor ability to actually educate students.

The bubble is near popping, and their is their last desperate attempt to grab all the debt-bondage dollars they can. PSU exists only to steal money from the future lives of the currently ignorant, and to deliver as many of those dollars to the "Network."

Shut it down- you can get the same education at PCC.

Let me try one more time.

Kitz has a been a professional politician for twice as a long as he was a practicing doc.

He can teach bowling.

Kitzhaber's medical license is probably inactive so as to avoid paying license renewals or buying malpractice insurance. Come to think of it, what a great idea to have elected officials carry malpractice insurance. Imagine those premiums.

(By the way, even for a college newspaper that "article" was as gushy a piece of crap as I ever recall reading.)

How about another little blue book, "Quotations from Governor Kulongowski".

So this is where he's going to hang out for another 6 years before he runs for Governor Retread II?

Is Oregon just going to let these two clowns rotate back and forth until one of them kicks off?

The Governors Karamazov Strike Again!

What kind of a class would Sam or Randy be able to teach?

"Creation of Chaos"
"The Art of Negotiating a Deal"
"Mastermind and the law of Retaliation"
"How to Recognize Bully Techniques"
"What does Sustainability Really Mean"
"The Importance of Budget Presentations"

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