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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yet another journalist goes government flack

This update from Commissioner Nick (Jelly) Fish:

Jaymee Cuti will join PHB [the Portland Housing Bureau] as the new Public Information Officer. From a pool of very qualified applicants, Jaymee stood out for her diverse background in journalism and communications, her passion for civil rights issues, and a personality that will be a great addition to the bureau.

Jaymee has worked in both print and broadcast journalism. She was a reporter for the Portland Observer and news editor for Just Out magazine. Most recently, she produced segments for Oregon Public Broadcasting's public affairs talk show, "Think Out Loud." She is also a producer for the short-run series, "Destination DIY," which airs on OPB. Jaymee is elated to amplify the important work happening within the Portland Housing Bureau to the wider world. Jaymee will be starting with PHB on Thursday, September 13.

Sigh. We have sooooo many people being paid to "amplify," elatedly and otherwise, the latest "work" of the local bureaucracy.

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WHY are all these tweeters needed? And WHY must we all pay them?
But her retro 60s eyewear denotes "hip" so all is well.

SOMEONE has to write those government press releases for the Oregonian to cut and paste.

And who better to write those press releases.... I mean "NEWS", than those that drift back and fourth from "consulting" into actual government agencies?

Anyone recognize THIS?


And maybe once in a while they can jump on a blog to influence public opinion..AND GET PAID to do so.

I wonder if a cause of traditional media collapsing is due to journalists that are so stupid and and so poor at delivering what the customer wants that only government will hire them.


...knowing she'd be out of a job come January, Amy Ruiz cleverly died her hair, grabbed a pair of glasses, and changed her name.

So the COP hired Janeane Garofalo after a dye job?

Willamette Week reported on this topic in May 2011:


Giving Us Flack

Portland’s $7 million, publicly funded PR Industrial Complex takes news for a spin.

A sign of the times - ideas and policies so misguided that they need a PR campaign to justify them.

Those glasses are hideous.

"was a reporter for the Portland Observer and news editor for Just Out"

Anything has to be a raise after those gigs.

"Jaymee is elated to amplify the important work happening within the Portland Housing Bureau to the wider world"

Seems she has the poetic license part of the job down.

This is just more depressing. Gosh, Jack, you got any good news today?

If it wasn't for the show at the Crystal Ballroom tonight, I'd be ready to jump offa something that ends in Bridge.

At least they hired a Cutie. That should improve morale down at the shelter.

My only regret from moving out of Portland is not being able to vote against that POS Nick Fish next election. I will however contribute to anyone running against him. Nick Fish is the stealth most worthless commissioner that Portland has had in a decade. This guy is lazy, stupid, and makes developmentally delayed folks look smart. I have never met the man and don’t want to. Just looking at his record and his statements makes my stomach curl. This guy is just the biggest flake since Stephen Kafoury. Portland voters will wake up some day and get rid of this parasitical fungus that squirms in local politics.

Hmmm. Jack, could you remind me again what sort of severance the city will pay laid-off employees once Sam Adams leaves and his successor realizes that there's no need for the massive herd of Tweeters in City Hall? If it's only six months' pay, that's probably about two years of pay in a typical Portland journalism or OPB job...

Ya mean they can't trust The O to write down and print exactly what they tell them?

Sam, considering the crew left at the O, that implies that they can get their favorite crayons sharpened.

Geez the photo has way too many affectations.

" "was a reporter for the Portland Observer and news editor for Just Out"

Anything has to be a raise after those gigs. "

A raise? You think you actually get a regular paycheck working as a journalist these days?

Working the drive through at Arby's would be a considerable raise.

Charlie Hales save the Maintenace Bureau. When is the Auitor going to audit the maintenance Bureau, and stop the chaos there. Why does the city hire losers. Tom Beggs, was unemployeed for 18 months, because of his bad pratices with the state of california, he cant manage money, and no clue about Portland needs. Larry Stevens resigns from Clackamas county before he was arrested, seems the City should investigate before they bring these people into our management. Tom Beggs over spent the budget for street maintenance with in his first 12 months of being there. He is trying to run the city street systems like his own business. Our streets are suffering at his hands. Someone help us... Charle Hales Get these people out of here. Lets see, 4 lawsuits, the workers 1, awaiting a settlement on the 2nd, and the 3rd and 4th, the city will lose also. Beggs is bad new. Good people are leaving The Maintenance Bureau due the BS. People that have so much experience, Its truly SAD. Contract not being followed, lies being told, people being harassed and treated so badly, is shameful.... Wonder what happen to the sidewalk secetrary, thats right she resigned two weeks ago, sexual harassment. Lawsuit #5. Bill Clark 3/of the lawsuits are against him. Why is the city spending money to pay theses people off. Why not get rid of these problem supervisors and managers..
Downtown needs to wake up. They are going to make the wrong person upset. But they know that, thats why they want to build a wall at the front door, so no one can get into the building. So the people Tom Beggs, Larry Stevens, Suzanne Kahn that make these bad decisions are protected.
They make up positions for there friends.
EEOC, BLOI is having a great time.....

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