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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Crazy 8 picks up some new detractors

Tri-Met's number 8 bus, which runs up and down 15th Avenue in Northeast Portland, has always been a, shall we say, interesting experience. But now as part of wrecking all bus service in order to herd people onto Earl the Pearl's pointless trains to nowhere, the insolvent transit agency has changed the route of the 8, much to the chagrin of a number of folks whose lives the changes have trashed. They join the long and growing list of area residents who have had it up to here with Tri-Met.

It's time for a new transit agency for Portland. Time to admit that Crocodile Fred Hansen and the rest of the Goldschmidt boys ran this one into the ground.

Comments (6)

Total morons. Everything they do is a disaster.

Bring back the good old Rose City Transit.

They're just screwing up the buses, so that people will say "light rail and streetcars are SOOOO much better than those infernal buses!"

It's all part of a big scheme. One that's been in place since Fred Hansen took over in 1998. Because apparently DEQ managers know how to run a major transit system - just like a construction project manager (Neil McFarlane) does now.

Tri-Met: Doing their damnedest to drive Portlanders back into their automobiles.

Anyone stupid enough to depend on government deserves the service they get, good and hard.

Pistolero - I'm sure you NEVER drive on a street/road/highway, NEVER fly and use the government owned airports, navigation and air traffic control system, NEVER use power generated by the BPA and delivered via BPA's transmission grid, NEVER use water delivered by city water systems and NEVER flush your toilets into a public sewer system, right?

I prefer less government whenever possible, but sometimes the private sector is unable/incapable of delivering. With TriMet, it seems there's a need for public transit (even among Libertarians) yet nobody seems to have any drive to actually make it work good. Some of us just want the existing transit system to work, but those in charge of the show are more interested in scoring political points at the expense of the citizenry.

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