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Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Carole bungles another one

The hits just keep on coming out of the Portland public schools. God forbid they should Google someone before putting her on the pad for six figures. But they know what they're doing with your child. Sure they do.

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What idiots....but I guess reading isn't used in checking out applicants any more!
The average 5th grader could probably have gotten the questionable information abluth this peron in less than 5 minutes!

PS: I just googled her and it took 15 seconds to have the Huff Post story appear.

That's inexcusable. Conjures up this similar episode, with the sentencing of one of the crooked officials coming just a year ago --

Former judge sentenced to prison for "kids for cash" scheme
Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:26pm EDT

Well, THAT should keep Lars in easy material for a few days.

And he won't even have to prepare for his show.

"The pitch is high, outside, and slow...SMACK... it's going, going......"

Super Carole was just following the lead set by Gobnor Retread when he appointed Rudy Crew as Chief Education Officer (also from Dade County via NY) along with all his baggage. Nationwide searches are so cool.

The "O" piece states:
Higgens on Friday said she was not concerned about the issues in Miami-Dade for several reasons, including the absence of a similar law in Oregon.

The logic (or lack of such) in Higgens' perspective is, in essence:
since we don't have that law in Oregon, Milano couldn't abuse that law here, so not to worry. All is well in Denial-landia!

"I was definitely reassured both by her references and her own acknowledgments about a different version of the story"

What could possibly go wrong with that?

The Miami-Dade schools part sounded familiar and then I placed it. Kitz's new Schools Savior came from there. Sure enough, Rudy Crew was running the place for the first 2 years or so of Suzanne Milano's tenure. Director of Mental Health & Crisis Management sounds like a big enough title for Super Crew to personally hire or at least approve the hire. No mention of him in the O. Come to think of it, she'll do quite well in the incestuous world of Oregon public life.

Hummmm. Anyone seen Neil Goldschmidt hanging out near Miami lately?

If you incorporated these stories (about the PPS, PPB, PFB, BES, PDC, Mayor's foibles, and Gov. Retread's girlfriend) into a work of fiction dealing with malfeasance and corruption in Oregon, the publisher would say it sounds contrived.

The PPS hire formerly worked in "mental health and crisis management services" in Miami.

She sounds like a PERFECT fit for PPS.

The educational system is so good here, we can always find qualified candidates from the great state of Oregon.

Oh wait...

Come to think of it, she'll do quite well in the incestuous world of Oregon public life.

They may very well be looking for certain types who will fit in better than any potential troublemakers such as whistle blowers.

By the way, where does Super Carole come from?

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