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Monday, September 17, 2012

Steve Duin names Portland cops in mistreatment of mentally ill

It's sad that it is newsworthy, but the O's lone ranger columnist had the nerve to identify, and blame, the Portland police involved in some of the incidents of violence against the mentally ill that have drawn federal attention. That must horrify his editors, who often seem to want to help the cops obfuscate their brutality.

The recent federal intervention into the lack of accountability for the actions of the city's police has some potential to bring about badly needed change, but only if it is just a first step by the feds. In the end, nothing is going to change unless police are criminally charged. The U.S. attorney can do that, or she can watch as her report is thrown on the pile along with 100 similar documents generated over the last few decades, there to collect dust.

Comments (2)

I just hope both Steve's taillights are working ok.

Or that his license plate light isn't too bright.

I seriously got pulled over one night after leaving work, and was told by the officer that is why he stopped me. I get he was making a pretense stop of someone driving an older vehicle at bar close time. But could they at least make up a good pretense? Geez.

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