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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spokane going for its own zombie hotel

More competition for the one that Metro's going to build in Portland, whether the public wants it or not. Two not-so-hot convention cities killing each other off, as it were.

We'll say this for the project in Spokane, though -- it looks like all private money at this point. And the guy who is building it will be cannibalizing his own business to get it started. As one reader puts it, "The project will probably not have Plutonium-level 'green' certification, but, based on his track record, I bet it 'pencils out.'"

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In this case, I honestly suspect that Spokane will win out. If I read it correctly, the new Spokane hotel will be a lot closer to the airport, which actually means a lot for tech events. I can't think of any particular reason why anyone would jump up and down upon the news that his company was hosting a convention, exclaiming "We're going to Spokane!", but that could be said for Portland as well. (I'm also willing to bet that the space around the new Spokane space wouldn't resemble a 27/7 live shoot of "The Walking Dead", but that's a different story.)

While we need the government to take on some tasks that are not economically viable up front, this convention center thing is not one of them. Just another realestate boon doggle.

I'm in Spokane a lot, I should go check out the site and report back.

Well, I live in Spookaloo and I can't imagine building another hotel. This place ain't convention central and I don't buy into that "if you will build it, they will come" stuff. On the other hand, this guy did rebuild the Davenport and that place is a gem. He doesn't seem to have a lot of debt and he operates that way. I wish him well.

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