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Friday, September 14, 2012

So they loaded up the truck and moved to Portlandia

NoPo, that is... bioswales... creative class...

And where are they coming from? Well, it appears that the dream of the '90s is no longer alive here.

Set a spell... take your Vans off... y'all come back now, y'hear?

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And, wellll doggie -- and ya don't haveta worry about no income tax if you ain't got no income. Plenty of corn squeezins and that there medical marrywanna. And, I hear they're turnin' their ceement ponds into skateboard parks -- just fer us! Yeeha!

Hey - Property taxes ain't so great here either!

Vera's dreams (nightmares for the rest of us) are coming to fruition.
Portlandia WILL be NYC !

The garbage rats even got here ahead of schedule.

Just moved from Beaverton to New Jersey (Morristown area) a few months ago. Property taxes on our new home here, which is worth less than our house in Beaverton, $10,800/yr. Beaverton $4300/yr. Car insurance 150% more, sales tax, toll roads........Oregon doesn't look so bad.

The worst part? The same factor that's making New York unaffordable is the same one that's making Portland unaffordable. The mayor bends over backwards for the hipster contingent and gleefully watches them as they gentrify everything they can't ruin. After all, they seem to have unlimited funds and unlimited numbers, at least so long as Mom and Dad's 401(k) money holds out, so why try to make the city reasonable for people who are going to stay for more than a few years?

Texas, the "hipster contingent" with political power in NYC can afford million-dollar one-bedroom apartments. The kids like the ones here live in Brooklyn and get by on crappy jobs or money from their parents. The only thing they care about are fire inspectors who might board up their illegal lofts.

New York is really not much at all like Portland, or anywhere else at all for that matter.

Wonder how many trucks will be needed to load up and leave Portlandia?
The rate this council is going, it won't only be the newcomers who would be leaving, but more likely those who can no longer see or sustain this downward spiral of our city.
In addition to the property taxes, there are others lining up to ask for more tax increases. Clearly we are paying more leaving less discretionary funds available to support local businesses.
In my opinion, this council has facilitated and supports the downward spiral of our city. Why?

Portland Native,
We are in the midst of a nightmare.
It is so sad what has happened to our once beloved city and our livability here.
It is difficult enough facing the problems of our country, but to have this much chaos and betrayal at the local level is even worse than a nightmare. At least one can wake up and it is over or subsides. Many who were at at last week's "set-up" council hearing were subjected to abuse, abuse that doesn't go away as easily as a bad dream.

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